The Mad Writings of a Bored Person
The Mad Writings of a Bored Person nobody will like this stories

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From a ghost. This will be a continued story.

The Mad Writings of a Bored Person

From a ghost.

You can't see me. I can see you, although my eyes have worsened with each decade I endure on your world. What have you done to it? You pollute, yet you don't stop.

Why? We ghosts don't understand, that's for sure. But enough shaming, let's get on with this. This is the first time i've used one of these computer things.

See, when i died, there was only pen and ink! No auto cucumber or anything. Auto cucumber?? Thanks a lot auto correct. I've learned a lot through the decades.

Everyone has one of those phone things. But where are their cords? Are they invisible? That's pretty darn cool that you invented invisible cords.

Well, have a nice day, I have some haunting to do. Who am i? You'll find out.

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