The Rooms
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the_daydreamerHopeless girl💔Invisible to everyone😂
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The boy inside my mind is showing me things I can't handle anymore

The Rooms

What if our minds are really just rooms

Rooms with pictures

Pictures of the memories you can't leave behind

What if each time we walk into a room the picture glows

Burning inside our head

Never leave our thoughts

These pictures are no longer erasable

Now they'll forever stay

Locked in the rooms that fill my mind

You try to lock the doors

To forget they are there

But you always return to these rooms

You always find your way back to the pain

The good memories hind

They hind themselves

Only coming out when you need it the most

Maybe there is a person up there

The boy I hear

Guiding me through my own mind

Showing me things I may not want to see

But saving me when I need it the most

Does he hold the knife too?

The knife that stabs me when someone leaves

He stabs it deep into me

So deep I can no longer access it

My mind is full of rooms

That I am forced to visit

Please take me out of my mind

Out of the rooms

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