Decked in Blue for the Boy who Flew
Decked in Blue for the Boy who Flew stories
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the_daydreamerHopeless girl💔Invisible to everyone😂
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A year ago today My friend Hung himself. Here's a piece for the boy who Flew

Decked in Blue for the Boy who Flew

He said he wanted to fly

He said he wanted to see the world

Take flight and travel

His dreams were destroyed

He said the bruises were from Skateboarding

And The black eyes from sleep walking

We never questioned it

This parents were so sweet

But nobody would have guessed what they did

He was always happy

But deep down he was just a broken boy

The smile never left your face

But the tears never fading from your cheeks

They just faded away

Coming back everytime they hit you

Now I stand decked in blue

For the boy who flew

At the tree

The tree we played on as kids

But now the tree where you tried to fly

The tree where the rope stopped you

From breathing, from seeing, from flying

We are only children

Holding wonder in a cup

Childhood was supposed to be the place

The place where no one died

Why did that change so fast

Why did you change it

But know I stand alone

Waiting for you to fly back home

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