Little Bit 'Bout The Author
Little Bit 'Bout The Author 'lil bout me stories

the_author_815 Welcome to my mind my Dearest Readers.
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By The Author

Little Bit 'Bout The Author

Little Bit 'Bout The Author By: The Author

Age: 16

Age: 16 Height: Let's say almost 6 foot LOL

Alright now time to get in depth...

Well not that deep.

Okay I live in Indiana. I was born a Hoosier I'm gonna die a Hoosier

Uhm...I'm not single. I am dating a beautiful young lady.

I'm a gamer and I like to listen to many genres of music. Most game styles I like to play are FPS or TPS types. And for those who don't know what those mean....

First Person Shooter Third Person Shoot

Any other game that involve explosions, guns, story line, and upgrades systems I like. I mean COD doesn't always do that but I still like those types of games.

If you have any games references leave them in the comment section poeples.

I can't think of what else to put LOL

*Note From The Author*

If you guys have story prompts for me I will gladly come up with stories for them. And if I like them enough I will write an actual book for it. Thanks For Reading Peoples. PEACE!


Follow my Sound Cloud if you wanna see my genres of music.

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