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by thatsassynerd


Something we all fear and are afraid of.

Getting rejected by your friends and family.

But it hurts most when you get rejected by someone you love.

When they don't like you for who you are.

Maybe they are into different types of girls.

The snobby bitch in the cheer-leading team who shoved you down and called you ugly.

Maybe you are the snobby bitch who shoved the girl down and called her ugly.

He might be into the girl who was shoved down and called ugly.

The guy you are chasing might be into spoilt snobs or cute and caring nerds.

Either way it hurts being rejected by the person who you convince yourself you love so much or have had a crush on forever.

It hurts even more when the person you love is your friend.

It's not easy to like a friend.

You are afraid to ruin your friendship.

But what if the friendship is already ruined?

You both don't talk the way you used to and now you are broken.

Not only is you heart broken but so is your soul.

Its hard to know he likes someone else.

Someone who might like him back.

Its scary...every single moment of it.

You don't realize it at first but then it becomes serious.

Watching the guy you love slip farther away from you every moment.

You think to yourself, "Does he notice me or care for me at all?"

When deep down you think to yourself...


You feel overwhelmed by the feeling of love.

You want to try your best to stand out to the guy you are after.

You feel everything is worth it.

The last thing you know, the two of you might be soulmates.


Something no one should mess with.

Let it go where it goes.

If the two of you were meant love will find its way.

We mould ourselves into the type of people we aren't, in hopes that the guy will find you and be yours.

When that doesn't work out, you get mad, angry, furious.

You don't understand.

You aren't willing to heal.

You lay there...



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