Some Things Do Last — Till Eternity

Some Things Do Last — Till Eternity piano stories

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Entry for today's challenge. Inspired by a post I have seen on twitter.

It's been a while since I have written and posted something here in commaful. I hope you enjoy!

Some Things Do Last — Till Eternity

I have always Aspired For the Type of love that Our grandparents Have shown us. Pure. Timeless. Selfless.

The love that She felt when Your grandma First held you On her arms. She was the second woman After your mother To love you the most.

The security that His big bony hands gave When your grandpa Was walking you To the nearest park Or store. He was tired But he was Your favorite playmate.

He was the second man After your father To protect you At all costs.

They are now Frail and old. Time did it's job And passed them by. Despite it all They still remember And long for That rebellious Sibling of your Mother or Father.

No matter What they Have done, Your grandparents Would kill Just to see them again.

The sparkle in their eyes When they'd slow dance To old vinyl records that They already had Way back their prime.

Their bodies hurt Yet they were Smiling Goofy mischievous smiles Looking deeply Into each others eyes.

It always made me wonder If I'd ever Get a chance In life To have that.

When one of them left Because their time Had already come, You heard the words "I'll come for you. Wait for me."

Escape from those Quivering lips. Grandpa never cried Or so I thought...

I'm sure I'd see tears Fall on the keys When he'd play Lonely On his piano.

It was two years later Before his promise To grandma Was fulfilled.

I'd dream of them Sometimes. Happy and Dancing slow To their Favorite Vinyl Records.

They were so full Of love It never ran out Even if they have Already given it out To their children, And grandchildren.

Of all the Great things They've shown I aspire To have that kind Of love.

The love that Never grows old. The love that Shines Even after One's death. And it's going To stay there Until after Eternity.

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