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Inspired by actual events of real people and raw experiences.


This poem is about Becky,

A woman so strong yet so delicate.

Behind her sweet smiles, lies a thousand lies,

Lies that by the end of the night she drowns herself in.

Becky; a girl so kind, so sweet

Everyday battles in the midst of her feelings,

And rational thoughts.

To love or not to love? To live or to not exist at all?

For her there is no in between.

A lady whose resolutions were made of steel,

She apparently has a sharp mind too.

Yes, this woman is too good to be true,

Sadly she has long forgotten it all.

The rosy color of her cheeks,

Were once flushed with energy.

Now her cheeks are red,

Mostly because of anger, exhaustion, and anxiety.

Purple is her favorite color, and

So do I? But I wonder?

If it's because of her love for such color

That her lover decides to decorate

Her gentle face

With shades and hues of violet?

The girl who once decided that no one shall step on her,

Suddenly woke up and realized

That maybe it is okay to swallow her pride, once or twice

Or maybe most times,

If it meant her lover not leaving her.

She taught me the virtue of being honest,

And now I am baffled,

If by being honest she meant

To exclude you, yourself.

All the tears she left unshed,

All the anger she left unsaid.

I will cry for you,

I will do all the things you can't do,

I will, until the day you realize

That you're worthy of all the things he can't provide.

Becky, becky. Why choose to suffer?

I wonder what's in your head?

I wonder what's in your heart?

I wonder why are you choosing this path?

I would've saved you,

I would've never let you go through this.

If only, if only...

You wanted some saving.

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