A Lost Saint From Above ^MadnessCombat^ Part1
A Lost Saint From Above ^MadnessCombat^ Part1 madnesscombat stories

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Deimos and Sanford make their way around a convenience store only to find an unlikely asset.

A Lost Saint From Above ^MadnessCombat^ Part1

Deimos and Sanford make their way through the debris of Nevada.

The vast land of Nevada was frequently torn apart by The Auditor and his goons so a search for a food storage is often unsuccessful. The two eventually sit down to take a break.

Deimos lights a cigarette and pops it in his mouth. Sanford scowls at Deimos, "You understand those things eventually kill ya."

"Yeah, but in this place," Deimos lazily pointed around him, "we could die at anytime. It doesn't matter if I drink or smoke."

Sanford sighs, "you're right but I'd rather die fighting then to lung disease," He then gets up. "Break's over." Deimos takes one last huff then drops the cig to step on it.

The search for a supply area continues.

^Twenty Minutes Later^

The duo come across an old convenience store. It's walls were crumbling and a few bags of expired items scattered the floor.

They split up and search the store for any un-perishable food cans of some kind. While Deimos found a can and stuffed it in his bag, a rustle sounded behind him.

He pulls out a knife and calls out to Sanford, "Hey sandy, I think we aren't the only ones here..."

"I'll keep an eye out," Sanford calls back.

"Aight-" Deimos is cut off by a person appearing from behind a shelf. The stranger had a halo and three pairs of wings. One pair covering their face, the other two pairs on the back and ankles.

They spoke softly, "I don't want any trouble... I just need directions, please?"

"Uhhhh" Deimos points his knife toward the stranger, "who the- better question, WHAT the fuck are you?!"

"Oh, I'm a Messenger Angel of The Lord. I'm currently looking for The son of God. He has committed murder against his father and needs judgement."

"I asked what you are, not your backstory," Deimos scoffed.

Sanford rounds the corner to where Deimos and the Angel are.

"Holy fucking shit, what is that?"

"Apparently an Angel. It's looking for Jesus."

The Angel just waved at Sanford nervously.

Sanford approaches the angel cautiously, "May I tell you something?"

"Of course." The Angel responded

"Jesus is dead."

The Angel stood silently. Deimos and Sanford look at each other then huddle up.

"What are we gonna do with that Angel?" Deimos whispers.

"I don't know. Just uhmm, ask it's name?" Sanford whispers back with not a lot of confidence.

The two looked back at the angel. It started to play with it's feathers awkwardly. Deimos walked up to it.

"Hey, what's your name?"

"Abdul," The Angel responded. Deimos then looked back to Sanford for instructions to do next.

"Since I can't go back to The Holy City until Jesus is with me and Jesus is dead, is there something I can assist you with?" Abdul asked politely.

"Maybe you can keep a look out. This area isn't the safest place to collect." Sanford said.

Abdul's feathers fluffed neatly and walked outside. The two men were left inside the store to keep looking.

"Should we ditch it here?" Deimos asked Sanford.

"No, it might be an but useful with its head gear." Sanford gestured to the halo that Abdul has.

"Oh I see, we should take it to Hank then. I'm sure he'll be pleased."

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