6 Slides about Maxwell Jackson Connor
6 Slides about Maxwell Jackson Connor stories

thatonewitchmaxI am everything I wanted to be.
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6 Slides about Maxwell Jackson Connor

by thatonewitchmax

I grew up in Germany, mainly. .

Growing up here was interesting because I travelled a lot there, and I also had my first pet while living there. .

In my spare time I Draw, paint, and write. .

I initially got into this because I was introduced to art by a couple friends and it grew from there. .

My proudest moment was when

I actually began loving my own works of art and writing .

My dream is to Become an artist and writer .

I want this because The fine arts have always been an important part of my life, and I always want it to be a part .

Now, I am a Student in Highschool .

I Mainly just listen to music and attempt to write when I'm not cleaning .

I'm looking forward to Moving back to the states .

I'm excited about this because I get to meet new people who are possibly as into art as I am .

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