The Wall Between Hemispheres
The Wall Between Hemispheres brain stories

thatoneguy Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   3 years ago
I finally did an angsty thing... yay...

The Wall Between Hemispheres

by That One Guy

My mind is split by wall down the middle. Each hemisphere against the other.

One side wants to love, care, and feel for others. It cares what people think of him. He cares how people feel.

The other side doesn't give a damn what others think. It's full of rage, envy, and violence. It only wants what it wants, despite others.

Despite how balanced each side is, they both push the wall; wanting to expand there boarders and spread there thoughts.

They push against each other. Most of the time they go nowhere. But occasionally one side gets an advantage over the other.

Each side screams at the other; trying to drown out the other with their cries. The noise echoes through the mind.

Sometimes they try to tear down the wall. Both sides wanting to gain control over the other. The sound of demolition fills the mind.

Sometimes it's hard to decide what side to listen to. Who do I even listen too.

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