The Raging Flame
The Raging Flame rage stories

thatoneguyCommunity member
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Something I wrote while listening to Mississippi Queen on loop for 20 minutes.

The Raging Flame

by That One Guy

Fires rage throughout the body. Setting everything into a raging blaze.

The raging flame is incredibly intense. The flame grabs anything and everything in site. It only dreams of demise.

Sympathy and mercy means nothing to the flame. Only desolation can satisfy its endless desire of destruction.

Arms spread from the flame, reaching for fuel to become as hot as the flames of Hades.

It dosen't care what it pulls in. As long it prolong it's life, even though The Flame of Rage never dies.

It only dims to a soft flicker. But when idiocy and stubbornness fuels it to the hestt of a exploding sun...

All Hell Will Break Loose.

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