The Ocean of Vibrations
The Ocean of Vibrations deaf stories

thatoneguyCommunity member
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This is my first poem... short story...? I dunno. It's somthing. The idea was partialy inspired by the conceptual album Tommy, by The Who.

The Ocean of Vibrations

by That One Guy

A deaf, blind man stood on the beach facing toward the ocean. The sun is setting over the wave of blue motion and restless vibration.

He is alone. The beach is silent. Only the sound of wind and water fill the air, only it means nothing to the deaf man. He only hears the sound in his head.

It is getting close to seven o'clock at night. Time means nothing if have nowhere to be or anything to do.

The man only faces the ocean. He doesn't see the waves or hear it's soft whispers of waves. He only feels the oceans movement going through the sand.

The thought of what he does not see does not trouble him. He can feel the salty wind stroke his face. Thoughts of not being able to hear the ambience of the ocean does mean nothing.

The vibrations of the sea creates a melody in his head. It swirls about, creating an electric vibration land in his mind.

The color swirls about and creates a ocean of sound. Colors of Purple, Blue, Orange, Green, and Red. The vibrations create waves in the sea of colors, splashing and simmering round and round.

Alas, the man does not go to the ocean to watch the waves. He sees, but does not look. He doesn't think about what is going on around him and weeps.

He finds solitude in his mind... In his Electric Vibration Mindscape

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