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thatonedumbgirl Plus ultra!
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Idk what this is. But I wanted to write it.


Warm springy damp

tickling my feet as I run

across the green surface

flowers brush my ankles and

I pause to blow a dandelion's fluff

making a wish and watching the

specks gets carried away by the wind

I dig my toes into the dirt

ants scurry around me and grasshoppers

wings' scrape against my legs

an unnoticeable kiss

I poke a worm with my foot

watch it wriggle away burrow

into the sandbox the cool

sand squishing around my toes

as I race to and fro

my feet are scratched by twigs

and crabgrass

dust from the driveway settles on my feet

kicked into the air and I sneeze

before I go on my way

soft squishy moss

squelches between my toes

and I laugh it tickles

rough rock beneath my callused feet

as I hop from one to the other

seeing lizards scuttle for cover

as I go my way

hot wood burns as I scramble across

the deck and I yelp and hop hop hop

until I land in a puddle by the

pool where my feet are cooled and wet

Bugs float lazily on the surface of the water

and I rescue them with a little net

and on I march

Squirrels and birds chatter as I run by

and I leap and jump and spin

in the sunlight while all the while the

grass tickles my feet

turning the bottoms green

as I inhale the sweet

smell of mown grass

then scoop up my cat

her fluffy fur tickling my chin

she mews and I go inside

cool tile gleaming and smooth

the soft carpet sliding against my toes

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