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thatonedumbgirl Plus ultra!
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Wow, This is late. This is the prompt for yesterday oops. Oh well xD

Little Leaf

Little leaf

Bright green and clinging

to the branch

you are so full full of life

and vitality

Little leaf

cling steadfastly to your tree

and count your blessings for

they are brief but sweet

Little leaf you ave turned orange red

as your life begins to falter

you fear your death

your brothers and sisters slowly tumble to

the ground

yellows oranges and reds

all around

swept up by the wind

who plays with them

until it loses interest

little leaf

do not fear as another season nears

Though you will die

there is no reason to cry

your season will return

so for now watch

and wait and yearn

little leaf

you are crinkly and dry

a dull brown with black speckles

you have finally died

The people rake you in piles

and crunch you in their fists

you crumble into flaky pieces

don't even resist

it is cold little leaf

and you are decomposing

wet and soggy as the snow

buries you in loving arms

and you rot below the surface

little leaf

soon you will be forgotten

only to be replaced and reincarnated

with the spring

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