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Want to hear a joke?
It's name is Hope.

Is It Funny Now?

Knock knock

who's there

That kid you threw down the stairs

shoved up against the lockers

and called names

It's the kid who always sat at

the back of the class

head down as they walked

eyes dead body made of glass

and covered in fractures

from your hateful words

trying to hold it together until

they get home

where they are alone

in a house with people who don't love them

the one where their father beats them

and rapes them and starves them

and hates them telling them the things you say

but ten



It's the kid that wears long sleeves that

covers the scars and the

fresh bloody marks

the one who takes pills and

floats on the ceiling

takes shots of alcohol trying to drown

their demons

it's that kid you called

queer gay fag lesbian

bitch slut whore cunt

and a million

things besides

it's the kid that you told that no one loved

no one on earth and not God above

they believed it

let it fester in their hearts

they fashioned a necklace of rope

ad stepped off a chair

and everything went dark

It's that kid who didn't succeed at first

but as the months went by

on went the hurt

and the pain

and the rage

and the fear

until finally we are where we are now


Knock knock

bang goes a gun

that's right you motherfucker

hurry up and run

knock knock

why aren't you laughing

want to hear a joke?

It's all of you I'm asking

now you will die just like my hope

knock knock

is it funny now

knock knock

as your friends lie here

on the ground?

Knock knock

knock knock

I am getting closer

I can hear you breathing

I can hear you cry

I can hear your heart

Knock knock

Is that you hiding in the dark

it is, it is

bang bang another one

you die and you die

everyone does

you can't run and you can't hide

but you can try

You are crying so am I

as I find you at last

knock knock

knock knock

the sirens are getting close

better make this fast

is it funny now

as we lie here on the ground

there's rivers of blood

the deed had been done

they walk in slowly as parents cry

and scream

and the whole town wonders if this is all just a bad dream

knock knock

it shouldn't have turned out this way

but now it's over

I have made you pay

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