She said it would be beautiful.
She said it would be beautiful. creepy stories

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"Death is a beautiful thing, isn't it?"

She said it would be beautiful.

"Death is a beautiful thing, isn't it?" The woman moved closer to me, as she gently placed her cold hands on my cheeks, in a somewhat comforting manner.

I looked up, wide eyed, to see her blank expression, her eyes a window into her hollow soul. You could never understand her, maybe that's why I found her so charming.

"It's a drug you can only have once, but you find yourself addicted before you've even tasted it."

She closed her eyes and chuckled softly, as I found my hand gravitating towards hers, grasping it tenderly.

She opened her eyes, directing her focus to a fluttering moth heading towards the lit nightstand near her.

Her look shifted to something in between smirking and smiling as she pushed my hand away and moved the light closer to the moth.

The moth faltered in front of the light for a second, before falling still and motionless.

Collecting what was left of it on her palm, the woman stroked the moth, struggling to move, whispering, "Beautiful, right?"

Without receiving an answer, she looked straight into her palm, straight at the twitching moth, as she made a fist and raised her arm to the ceiling.

The smallest drop of blood dripped down her forearm, yet she ignored it.

"It's ineffable, it's making me tingle inside!" I looked at the enchanting figure in front of me, bustling with curiosity.

A thin wide smile appeared on her face, as she leaned near my ear and muttered, "Wouldn't you like to experience it with me?"

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