ELOISE bully stories

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Eloise is being bullied


By thatizzygirl97

Your stormy blue eyes remind me of your personality

Cold and dark and full of spite

Trying to lure me to my death

I`m black and blue just like your eyes

I try to hide from you, it doesn`t work.

Your girlfriend finds me in the bathroom, you laugh as she tugs my braid and almost drags me to you.

You rip off my glasses. I wince as they crunch under your shoe.

I slap you in the face. You blink in surprise. I stare back. I run.

Your cruel inky blue eyes haunt my dreams. I used to love your eyes.

I trip over your out stretched foot. Tears leak from my green eyes as my face hits the ground. I see stars

My ribs hurt. I don`t remember what happen after I fell.

Once again I am black and blue, Once again it is all your fault.

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