Deanna and Spock: A Cinderella Space Adventure
Deanna and Spock: A Cinderella Space Adventure

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Deanna Troy was having a normal psychic Day facing off against the forces of evil and telling patients to stop staring at her boobs, until she gets trapped on the holodeck! Will Spock be able to rescue her from the Cinderella holodeck program before midnight, or will they spend forever on their star "date." Time is running out, but it's never too late for love!

Deanna and Spock: A Cinderella Space Adventure

CHAPTER ONE, ON THE BRIDGE It was just me and the captain and data and worf on the starship bridge and it was a slow day. I said "Captain, what are we going to do today because we have a long way to get to the next space outpost." He said "We always have exploration to do because we have discovered over a thousand new aliens so far! The highest in all of Star Fleet!" Worf grunted "You bring honor to Star Fleet Captain. Your ancestors will be proud of your exploring." Data says "It is very good, but we still have more to do. I calculate that there is more than 3 days before our next teleporting to the planet. I'm sure we will discover more aliens, the life signs are good with an oxygen atmosphere and clouds the inner core is made of iron just like earth we might even build a space colony there," he said. "That is very fine and good, so we will head there but keep your eyes open for any trouble ahead," said Captain Pickard. "That will be no trouble for us", I said! We were always getting into trouble. But let me start at the beginning. My name is Deanna Troi and I am a psychic. I work for the United Federation and live on the Star Trek Enterprise D. We explore strange new worlds and use Warp Speed which is a new technology that bends space and makes a lot of wormholes. The federation is always in wars with Klingons and Romulans and Borg and Dominions and but we are the politicians who make everything calm with negotiations. The Captain is very smart and his name is Jean Luc Picard. He is French, but speaks an English accent. He knows a lot of Shakespeare and is very noble. The most noble of all the Starship Captains I have ever met and I have worked for the Federation for many star dates! But never ask a lady her age! I come from a planet called Betazed where we are all psychic and are very beautiful. Well, you have to be if you get married naked, ha ha! We work out a lot but we can feel emotions from other people which is why I work here as a therapist and help the captain with the negotiating because I know if the other people or aliens are lying to him. And trust me they are ALWAYS lying! Like always! My Mom sometimes shows up but she is very important and beautiful, but a lot older than I am. She wears very beautiful silk dresses except when she is chasing Picard because she has a crush on him. When I was growing up my favorite was a blue dress, (except when I was naked!) and it had medals from the government telling everyone that she was the sacred holder of the chalice of Resses. I am very proud of her. Sometimes Picard reads her poetry when he doesn't think I'm looking, but I can hear everything that goes on in the bedroom and let me tell you it is steamy! Sometimes it's not fun being a psychic, but you take what you can get, ya know? She says "The best way to get over a man is under a man little one!" and I believe her. I broke up with my boyfriend Riker a long time ago but I moved on when he got fatter. It's not his fault that the holo food transporters are full of too much fat, when it was broken for over a year and put in too much lard into all the food! I was lucky because I sensed that something was wrong. I tried to warn him, but what was he gonna do not eat? So I don't blame him but it made getting over him a lot easier. All the men on the planet want her and she is just like me. I am very beautiful too although I don't want to be this pretty. Patients think I'm pretty and stare at my boobs too much when they are supposed to be thinking about their problems. It's very distracting to me too because its like they don't respect me as a woman or a Betazed just because we are naked a lot. It's not embarrassing to me at all it's empowering and there is no excuse for rude patients! Data is at his station typing very faster than any human can he's a cybernetic organism that was like a machine that grew onto stem cells to make a super human. He always wants to be a human, but I have told him that he shouldn't want that! "Trust me, I said, humans have too many emotions and it would drive you batty!" We used to date too and he was very good at making out until he malfunctioned. That was soooo embarrassing and the crew is still talking about it! Worf had to override the security protocols around my starship bedroom door and break into stop Data from almost doing awful sexy things to me. They talked some sense into him and we decided it was for the best if we don't date until his program has been updated more and he learns how to be more human, and all. All of a sudden Riker says "Captain! I'm getting a sign from our scanning beacon. There is something very large and very dangerous coming or way!" "Something wicked this way comes, Number ONE?!" he smirked to himself. He'd used his joke all the time because it was from his favorite book, but I still laughed too. It was good to see Captain Jean Luc smile after all this time. He and Beverly broke up, too! It's like the Love Flu was going around! And I was tired of always feeling him next to me being sad. It's very draining when you're a psychic! This ship sure was being an adventure! Riker said "It looks like...oh no! I can't believe it!" "What is it, said Data?" "I just can't believe it! I can't even explain it it is too big to handle, I just...we might have to split the ship...I mean...well see for yourselfs!" He Screamed!! "Deanna, put it on screen!" Captain Jean Luc Picard said. I reached over onto the controls on my armrest where we had buttons to make all the primary systems while the engineering department was busy running the secondary systems so they could focus. They could control everything if they wanted too but Gordi had a hard time seeing everything because of his metal visor that also could show him radar and infared and solar waves too." I pushed the button and there it was closing fast! An entire planet it seemed to me! It was big and gray and as big as a medium sized planet, but with bumps and maybe buildings and towers and structures like buildings all over it giving it a bumpy texture too terrible to see! I could feel danger coming from it as if a very strong force of some kind was there! "Captain I feel a strange dark force coming from the planet! It is very evil and there are millions of lives onboard!" I gripped my head and fell to the ground screaming! I was too close to the planet with too many people on it and it was just too much! I told you being a psychic was hard! As soon as I woke up I saw Captain Jean Luc talking to a guy dressed all in black with a big helmet and a triangle mouth. The black leather outfit had gloves and glowing buttons on his chest that looked like a machine was inside. But I could feel the strong evilness of him coming through my nervous system! It was so overwhelming! "Get away from him, I shouted!" Just then the guy who called himself Darth Vader on the viewing screen reached at the camera and Captain Picard was lifted into the air choking! "Stop it, leave him alone!" I yelled and tried to send a psychic blast toward the evil presence that loomed over me on the screen like an evil demon from hell! Suddenly Darth Vader grabbed his head and starting screaming too! And blood was flowing out of his helmet mask! Stop it he screamed again and again and over and over and was almost on the floor! Just then the screen went black and I knew we were in trouble! Just when it couldn't get worse, Data screamed "The Death Star's gravity is starting to fry all of our computers, and programs! Even the holodecks! Evacuate the Holodecks! Our shields can't stand much more!" "They're powering up weapons" said Worf, strong and proudly. It was always good to know that a Klingon was more grounded in an emergency. They had seen a lot of war and stayed calmer than most. It's as if his entire life had trained him for this exact situation. I was glad he was at the controls and not I I thought to myself as I picked myself up from the ground and went to check on Captain Picard on the ground! "Worf you have to do something the captain isn't coming back son enough to do anything about this and they're about to deal a death blow from that....deaf star (I guessed what you should call it.)!" Data said, " I heard about this before and the Death Star can blow up a planet. The tachyons are almost at full saturation and I saw that he was right because a green laser beam was forming in a cone thing where the giant radar dish was! It was gonna come for us and I couldn't do anything about it! Without Dark Vader being on the viewscreen I couldn't attack him because I could only send a psychic wave at people that I could see!!! Suddenly Captain Picard woke up and shouted, "Luke Skywalker! We need you!" and he concentrated very hard! I thought he was crazy, but I lended my power to his brain so that he could make his concentration ever more concentrated and talk to whoever he needed too! I was desparate and knew we were in trouble! We needed a miracle! And then just then a miracle happened "Already on it!" said a voice over the intercom as a orange and white spaceship with a narrow front and a star shaped but flew past our window! "Lower your shield and I will transport a missile onto my ship!" said Luke Skywalker! "I will crash my ship into the deathstar before it can kill you but you have to beam me out before I hit or I"ll die!" "Ok Make it so!" Screamed the Captain who had a giant bump on his head! Could this day get any worse?! Data said "Lowering shields!" And Gordi yelled "I beamed over the missile!" "May God have mercy on our souls!" said Worf. "Which Gods?" said the Captain. "Does it really matter right now? This is not the time for jokes!" said Worf. I felt that the captain was very nervous and sometimes patients use humor as a way to take back hypothetical control from a situation in which they, the victim, feel powerless to change that effects their destiny. The orange and white ship aimed his ship straight into a giant hole that looked very small into the center of the planet machine that they called the Death Star and put it onto auto control. "NOW" yelled Luke! "Captain make it so, already!" I SCREAMED! So he did and just in time Luke Skywalker was beamed aboarod the enterprise! There was a huge noise and lots of fire and the Death Star blew up!!! "Take us to Warp Speed" Screamed the Captain! "Shields up to Maximum! Warp Ten!" and into the stars we zoomed! With just me and Captain Picard and Gordi and Worf and NOW.....Luke Skywalker!! Can you believe it?!

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