Narancia & Bucciarati
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The story of some brief, tender moments between Narancia & Bucciarati, as well as some others

Narancia & Bucciarati

Years later, years after Bucciarati's ascension to the position of boss of Passione, when everyone in the gang is of age...

Bruno is used to arriving at home/headquarters later at night than anyone else, finding Giorno & Abbacchio already asleep together, and climbing into bed to sleep beside them,

but this night he gives into the urge to wake them up so he can kiss them goodnight and tell them how happy it makes him to come home to be with them.

Giorno & Abbacchio don't mind being woken up, are relieved as they always are to find Bruno home safe, are eager to receive him.

They take turns making out with him, and then with eachother, during which time Bruno licks Abbacchio's face like a cat would clean its kitten, which Abbacchio would never let anyone else,

not even Giorno, do. Things progress until eventually the three of them fall asleep, undressed and hard together, hardly under the sheets.

It is this scene which Narancia discovers a few hours later, with morning lighting the room: the three of them, naked, held to one another, the shape of each obvious under the light cover.

He makes a noise of surprise enough to stir them, and then shuts the door loudly as well as he flees.

As decided, Giorno later approaches him to try to talk to him about what he'd seen. "You guys do that stuff with eachother?" Narancia asks, like a child would.

"Yes," is all Giorno says, in that sage way his voice gets. "I've only ever thought about doing that with girls... I didn't know you could- ...

" Eventually Narancia, very roundaboutly, let's Giorno know or at least figure out that he'd like to try it, or at least he thinks that he does.

"Ok," Giorno says, and embraces him with nothing more than that, and holds Narancia like that for a while,

long enough for Narancia to eventually raise his hands to find idle spots on Giorno's body. "Then kiss me," Giorno says.

They kiss for a while, Giorno leading him, stroking his face gently, but then Giorno stops. "You don't feel right, you don't feel comfortable, I can tell," Giorno says carefully.

Narancia knows it's true, after letting out a slight "But- !" he just says "I'm sorry." Giorno smiles. "It's alright. It doesn't mean you're not cut out for it, necessarily...

I'll just tell Bruno that you'd like to talk to him about it instead. I think you'd feel more comfortable with him. I think he's the only you really..." He stops. Narancia looks up at him.

How does he react? Does he say, out of fear, "Don't do that!", or does he say, out of gratitude and surprise, "Really?" Or does he finish Giorno's sentence: ...

want?" Any way, Giorno pulls him close again, but this time with the smaller one's head to his chest and not his lips, and tells him, "I love you Narancia. And he does.

We all do," and pats him tenderly. Does Narancia start to cry?

And Bucciarati does talk to him, summons him. "There's something you want to talk about?" he starts off, plainly as ever. Narancia doesn't know how to begin either, is afraid again.

"Don't worry," Bruno tells him, "Giorno told me everything," and adds, "But only because Giorno always tells me everything." Bucciarati sits on the couch behind him. "Come here." Narancia does.

"Climb on top of me." Narancia does, awkwardly, climbs into Bruno's arms, and Bruno holds him.

"This is all it has to be," Bruno tells him tenderly, "I can just hold you, because I love you, and I want you to feel loved. We can just do this." Narancia nods into Bruno's neck.

"But if you want, you can kiss me," Bucciarati adds. Narancia starts, maybe says 'Huh?', but then, "Ok." It takes him a little bit, but eventually he does raise his face and kiss Bruno.

Bruno kisses him back. Slowly they begin to make out, continue to for a while. Maybe that's as far as they get, Bruno says "You're good at this, Narancia.

" Narancia starts to cry, buries his face in Bucciarati's neck again, but lets out "I love you, Bucciarati," and that's that.

But probably, because of Narancia's different comfort with Bruno, things progress, and Bucciarati moves on to touching Narancia.

Narancia is still confused, even scared, but this time he knows he likes it, finds that he does want Bruno to touch, regardless of anything else.

And Bruno turns in their embrace and lays Narancia on the couch beside where they sat, coming down with him, still on top of him, kissing him.

"Are you going to fuck me?" Narancia asks, wary, but not too wary to obscure the curiosity behind the question in his voice.

"I can," Bruno says breathily, a little caught up in it all, but then adds, "But I wasn't going to. At least not yet, not without asking, or knowing...

I was just going to touch you, if that's alright." Then he adds, "And you can touch me, of course." Eventually Bruno will take Narancia into his mouth.

Did Narancia expect it to be the other way around? Assume so? Want so?

Giorno and Abbacchio come out of the bath. They go their room, but open the door to find Narancia and Bruno together, asleep, undressed. "Another one?" Abbacchio says gruffly.

"No," Giorno responds, "No, I think they want to be alone," so they shut the door silently, go change into what they'd been wearing before.

But sometimes Narancia does come in, in the middle of the night while they all sleep together, maybe apologizes, says he doesn't want to sleep alone.

Abbacchio's still not too big a fan of this, but they let Narancia get into bed, climb on top or in between the three of them, maybe undress first if they're all obviously undressed,

and they hold him as they fall asleep again together.

Narancia wakes up, and only Abbacchio is still in bed, and he's playing with Narancia's hair where the morning light falls on it, caressing his head.

"Good morning," Abbacchhio says, usually crossly, but continues to pet him as Narancia's mind eases its way back into the waking world.

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