Persephone's perception
Persephone's perception  greekmythology stories

tenshi_poems a girl using poetery to escape her
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The Kidnapping might have been unplanned by Persephone, but why eat pomegranate seeds, only 5, when by no doubt she knew it'll bind her ?

Persephone's perception

Was I, victim or Was I victor?

When from my Mother, Hades stole me a young maiden in the garden When the pomegranate seeds I ate a mere 5 bound my soul

why would I young maiden who knew all the rules of Tartarus, eat when I knew my uncle Zeus would meddle and save me from the ruler of the underworld?

on the land, I would have been a goddess, power in the minority wandering earth in lower ranks of the Olympians

In Tartarus however, I was supreme of the most powerful punishment of wicked souls would fall upon me

was I, victim or was I victor?

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