Hunters Dance
Hunters Dance  poetry stories

tenshi_poems a girl using poetery to escape her
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Hunters don't like it when their prey catches on the deadly game they play

Hunters Dance

"Give me your heart Princess, I'll keep it save" the smoke on his breath carries The empty promise to her ears Confident that she is so naive and innocent Probably enchanted by all the attention she's getting tonight, That she will with certainty fall for his Plastic words and chiselled face .

He is the 1st teams Captain after all If she does he wins 1st place in this rotten race Of how many bodies his crew can move through their sheets and then leave them as the social hounds devour them alive. The whole crew hovering close to see if the hunter gets his prey

But in a flash her warm blue eyes turns to ice , her smile an sweetly evil as she chuckles " how much hope you have when even the Devil knows he will never get my soul"

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