Breath and freedom
Breath and freedom  poetry stories

tenshi_poems a girl using poetery to escape her
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Sometimes leaving is all how you truly become free

Breath and freedom

Since the day that she could independently speak , the royal court ordered the princess to keep her thoughts locked up in a cage . Forced her to hold in her staggering breath, forced her to bite her tongue against the screaming soul of her true self that's pounding on the walls of her inner mind begging to be let out.

She has rope burn from clinging to toxic friendships for way to long because they suited the image the royal court wanted painted on her resume for forgeing kings to see when visiting the kingdom .

She has cried oceans of tears inside walls of her mind her soul Nearly drowning because it never learnt to swim , never learnt to push underneath the waves it only doggy paddled in place until her mental legs stoped working , vision blurring and she mentally passed out completely numb.

She's fled the castle ,left the kingdom, exhaled and loosened her tongue, cut the ropes that burned her skin and poisoned her soul, set free all her thoughts from their cage like an flock of doves during the celebration of holy matrimony But how do you drain an ocean without flooding a different plain?

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