sometimes it’s easy.
sometimes it’s easy.  open verse stories

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sometime’s it’s mean. sometimes it’s worth it.

sometimes it’s easy.

sometimes it's driving going 26 over your hair wild with the wind and the sun like a mirror, but

sometimes it's sneaky.

sometimes it's a lurch in the pit of your stomach goosebumps down to your toes when you hear his name.

sometimes it's mean.

sometimes it's "sorry, i'm busy" and cancelling dates and "i just need space," and

sometimes it hides.

sometimes it's "oh i just ate!" the nauseating sound of chewing when you haven't touched food in 2 days.

sometimes it's ugly.

sometimes it's laying in bed for 17 hours sleeping for none and not feeling the sheets on your skin,

and sometimes, it wins.

sometimes you're crying on the shower floor, nail marks down your arms wanting to scream,

"is it even worth it?"

it always is.

it's always worth it for the sometimes the sunrise looks like fire,

for the sometimes you laugh so hard the best kind of tears replace the ones that burn.

for the sometimes that someone touches you and you feel warm instead of filthy.

for the sometimes your mother calls, and you can hear her smile when she says "i just missed your voice."

for the sometimes for the little times for the all the times for the always.

it's worth it. breathe in. out. go on.

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