Your Truth, My Life
Your Truth, My Life sjws stories
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Dedicated to SJWs who goes too far and Cancel Culture

Your Truth, My Life

I can hear you, you know?

I can see you, you know?

Those comments you make

You doing the "right" thing

You say you're taking it upon yourself to do your part to fight the injustices.

When you shouldn't be involved

When this was not your problem at all Why did you make it your problem?

Do you not see what you're doing?

You could have left it to the ones that are truly in charge

Instead of following the people who has already done the damage

Has it ever come across your mind that I already know what I did and I already am paying my price?

I know what I did. But I'm only human, I've got a skeleton in me.

But I'm not the villain despite what you're always preaching

Say what you like, it won't even matter

I know myself better than you do

Things would have gone better if you would just use your common sense

Rather than feeding into the fire

Things are so easy nowadays, to ruin someone's life

Hiding behind screens

No mercy and no understanding

A simple post won't be that big of a deal right?

After all, I'm only telling everyone the truth!


YOUR truth.

Why should your truth matter more than my LIFE?

It only takes one mistake. One action. One incident. One sentence.

For the world to remember you as and to forget the good person that you are

It shouldn't have been up to the media and thousands of people to decide if I deserved it or not. It shouldn't have been up to you to decide if I deserved it or not.

You could have just left it alone and let me have the consequences that were meant to happen. Not you.

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