Hollow Man's Ballad
Hollow Man's Ballad desert stories

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Reflections about my past actions.

Hollow Man's Ballad

[By detaching myself

from reality, and becoming

numb to the world,

I became distant to others,

but invincible to all dangers

as the dead to fear

as a castle to arrows

as rock bottom to falling

as a puppet to mockery

as darkness to a mirror.]

“In my castle high below,

I fancied a delightful show

so I made a puppet

and gave him most dearly

a one-syllable name and

a painted paper shell

To compensate for

the hollowness inside.

With toil and mistakes,

I became so skilled

at pulling his strings

that I could deceive

others into thinking

that there was something

of real value inside.

At times, the show was so

convincing that even

the puppeteer was entranced.

But when alone some nights,

his eyes would water up

for no apparent purpose

and he would lay in his bed

and wonder deeply curious

as from what wretched well

comes this hidden sorrow.”

(He had chronic dreams of

a desert, a sky, a person

covered in black garb

33 cubits ahead of him.

From afar, he could've sworn

it was a twin of himself.

Slowly, step by step

wayward he took

against an abrasive wind.

The stranger became

less and less familiar

the closer he got

as shiny little flecks

seemed to whisk away

from his distant face

until his whole body

seemed to tumble and melt

as it crumbled into sand

leaving just black garb.

Reaching for the cloth,

his hands would suddenly

press against a hard surface

and he would realize

that it was a mirror.)

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