Couch Competition
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tekjust a stranger
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An analogy for all conflict.

Couch Competition

Imagine a competition where billions of people come together and compare their couches to see who’s is the best. Unlike most competitions, there is no strict set of standards.

Everybody comes with their own set of standards of what the best couch would be. These standards are not entirely unique, however.

They talk to each other, causing groups to form based on their shared personal preferences for couches.

The leaders of these groups are the people with the most ideal couch according to people within their group (the followers). The groups would be recursive. There would be groups within groups.

For example, fans of fabric couches would have, among them, fans of certain types of fabric couches. The leaders of these groups then compete with other leaders.

Sometimes, leaders ally with other leaders against other leaders. Some followers even become leaders as public opinion about the ideal couch changes all the time.

People move up and down the couch hierarchy, and everybody is fighting each other constantly. Nobody can ever agree on just one set of standards.

The only reward from fighting is the agreement/validation from others that their couch is more ideal. How do you think somebody could win the Couch Competition?

By staying at home, sitting on their couch, eating potato chips, and watching a movie.

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