5 questions to ask yourself when looking to join a starup

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5 key questions I asked myself before I found the startup I belong to - Pipemonk. I scouted 5 startups in my field of interest, said no to a Series A venture funded startup to join one which at that time had no customers and 1 full time employee. The answers to the 5 questions helped me join a place I am proud to belong to.

5 questions to ask yourself when looking to join a starup

1. Am I ready to take the leap of faith?

Joining a startup is like learning swimming by jumping straight into the deep end. Most of the territory is unknown and you are in most cases the person who has to 'figure it out'. Are you ready?

2. Which top skill do I want to master?

An early stage startup is the best place to learn and master skill(s). And tell you what, you will be paid to learn! Identify the top 2-3 skills you want to acquire in the next 2 years.

3. Which are the top 4-5 startups that I want to join?

Shortlist startups whose product and vision you strongly relate to & more importantly find startups which are known for a culture of freedom & transparency.

4. How to tell them: 'am the candidate you are looking for'?

Tell them how they can improve their product, their marketing campaigns, their design... Tell them that you get what they are doing and why you are one of them

5. What can the startup provide me beyond my role?

A good startup ensures that you get to do more than what you are good at. At our startup, developers were involved in deciding the new name of the Company!

How soon can I join?

Have you found your answers to all previous questions? Don't waste anymore time. Get. Set. Go join.

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2 years agoReply
Thanks for the warm feedback @sydeny. Glad you liked it. Some skills I am in middle of learning: - be a full stack marketer: Coding and designing skills are an asset and motivational push to lauch the right marketing campaign. Am learning from my colleagues in the development team - leadership: I am not yet a good leader. I find that I am not able to appreciate or listen to others ideas very deeply. The team here and the transparent feedback i get from them helps me identify the gap and build my leadership skills. - Product management: I work closely with the product team here so am learning the ideation, research and development process a product goes through. Goal is to build a product in 2016

2 years agoReply
Hey benji, good point. have added it as part of one of the slides.Thanks for sharing

benjSilver CommaStoryteller
2 years agoReply
Also ask if you love the product and believe in the vision!

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
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This is a great list of questions! Congratulations!!! What were the top skills you wanted to master?