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tejaswinidivyanA passionate, fragmentary girl, maybe?
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Her Story.

by tejaswinidivyanaik

It was a morning just like any other.

Just with a small addition.

She had been asked out for a lunch date. A man so gorgeous, you'd never laid your eyes on. It definitely had been love at first sight for them.

It must have been love. Right?


But was she to know what was to happen next?

She was just another girl, turning 18 in a week and he was 29. She was over the moon, while he over played the lover. But it felt like he was it, so he must be.



How things change.

The day you thought was your best turns to your worst. How your breathing gets so heavy, so heavy that it starts getting difficult to breathe.

How the only memory you can look back upon is the memory you never want to look back to.

As she silently cried tears with a cloth stuffed to her face

...he took her innocence away.

As she wriggled to get free,

...he tightened those grips and smirked. The eyes that had nothing but love in them a few minutes back, had nothing but darkness in them now.

And all this while, she wondered what happened to that guy who met her at Starbucks with a coffee and a smile. That smile was still there, but that guy wasn't.

This wasn't him. This was who this guy really was.

Right? Right.

And while she escaped, she'd still lost.

That girl was gone, all that was left was the remains. Confined to the walls, she screamed of nightmares and flinched at a single touch.

And while she was only 18, he was 29.

But she grew up before time

Her smiles were gone, tear smeared face As she was dropped back to her hostel gate And no one knew and no one ever did As she ran to her room, under the darkness she hid

He maligned her more, laughed off with his friends Shared her number and said with money he paid Nobody tried, nobody cared And that was that, that girl was never the same again

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