A Gray and Grumpy Raincloud
A Gray and Grumpy Raincloud stories

teiAll hail the glow cloud.
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A Gray and Grumpy Raincloud

by tei

A Raincloud must be dark and scary, they said.

But this one is gray and small and not at all threatening

It likes murmuring out thunder, letting it rumble.

Sometimes, It will throw a few stinging lightning from here to here; its pattern as erratic as it comes.

It likes filling the sky, domineering nature prominent.

It fills it with thoughts, ideas and desires. With passion blinding and thick wisps of turbelent musings.

The raincloud thinks it likes being alone.

Without the annoying sunshine hurting it's eyes. Or no annoying gust of wind to sweep it away. It'll be perfect.

But, then again it is far from friendless.

The Rain will always be a step behind it. They are always, always together. Sometimes an entire company of storm would show up, dragging him with their upbeat.

It can be fun.

The way they abruptly come and go. The chaotic ensemble of everyone heaving; as if trying to shout out and let go of their frustration. It's disorderly and unkept but fun and invigorating.

But then as abrupt as it started, it wanes down...

...gently. The raincloud feels a slight surprise at how gentle things lay down. It feels itself lighten. It's both scary and satisfying at the same time, it thinks as it lets the wind sweep him.

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