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When life deals with blurred lined, one can't decipher reality!


Miranda crashed in the couch in her flat after having been so exhausted from such a long day at work,

observing her surrounding she quickly fell into something like a daydream as she needed time to assimilate occurring events.

She found herself staring in a mirror, seeing an exact replica of who she is, yet, it didn’t feel real.

She somehow felt different in her body, she pulled back quickly as she couldn’t but understand what was going on.

She however to a certain extent felt so relaxed, so peaceful in such state of mind.

Feeling the fresh air, of lavender, brisk past her nose, she felt lighter than ever as she inhaled and exhaled this sweet smell.

There was also some soft afro-beat music in the background that played so smoothly that further soothed her soul as opposed to the usual heavy vibrant rhythm that forced body movement.

She took in every single moment because she never knew when she would again get this feeling. Then all of a sudden she heard the loudest conversation in her living room.

She looked to where she heard the sound from and she noticed two men in a police uniform with a their names engraved on a badge to the right side of their chest,

protected by their face masks and rubber gloves. She didn’t know who these people were or how they got into her appartment in the first place.

She was so furious with them tampering with her belongings, she approached them, demanding a search warrant and they blatantly ignored her, leaving her even more infuriated.

After several failed attempts to get their attention, she decided to seat calmly,

as she was looking forward to reporting the incident to her local police station when suddenly their conversation grabbed her attention describing her as ‘deceased, late 20’s,

death by no signs of struggle… natural death.

She paced right behind them towards the direction of her bedroom where she saw her body, laying chest down, pale and lifeless with her legs hanging off the edge of the bed.

She couldn’t believe what befell her eyes.

She was suddenly whisked back in time faster than the speed of light then she opened her eyes and realised that it was just a dream.

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