Lonely Heart Globetrotter
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A brief writing about a mid 20's traveller who seems to make the best of everything that comes her way but there's just one problem she cant seem to overcome. A tale of misfortunes lurking everywhere she finds herself, especially when it boils down to emotional matters

Lonely Heart Globetrotter

How can we be in an extremely intertwined, international city filled with so many people from a large variety of countries and yet still feel lonely?

An acquainted globetrotter with roots in West Africa, frequent traveller Europe and Africa.

Adanma loves the ideas of learning new languages and putting herself in situations she wouldn't usually experience. She considers herself under the category of wanderlust.

She craves new experiences. That's just who she is briefly.

The issue then, is that of the feeling of loneliness. One would imagine that being a traveller you would have many trusted friends not just acquaintances.

When it comes to meeting new people she's ever so super excited about the idea. She however considers herself a mix between an extrovert and introvert.

Adanma is in mid 20's however the problem is that she can't seem to be in a secure relationship.

She's had several friendships that she assumed will go to the next level but after a couple of months these seemingly potentials tend to fade or disappear off the grid.

In all efforts to communicate with them to find what happened, they seem to be evasive.

She finds it totally heart breaking because she feels that at her age she should be in a steady relationship.

Adanma tends to feel an unexplainable void in life that she could barely find the words!

No amount of travel or experience she's garnered in these different countries could amount to how much she would like to be in a proper relationship.

It's become the standard that when they make promises, her gut instinct explodes and she knows that it's only for show.

This sixth sense most times She's adhered to, other times she's gone astray. It's a rather painful emotional feeling, which in turn comes in form of a real physical pain.

The Diary of A Lonely Heart/Globetrotter

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