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teaundertheseaa soul following the trail of lights
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A melancholic poem to the horizon between us. Most people would've failed to see that you are as wonderful as the sky itself, and they might have considered you a shadow among the throngs. But remember this: I have always admired you the way I admire the sky. Though I may not have the power to banish the "horizon" between us, I believe it would be better this way. Maybe we aren't supposed to end up together. Maybe there's a reason why the Greek mythological Atlas was carrying the sky to keep it from crumbling down to the earth and the sea. And now I may not forget you, but I choose to let go.


a short story by teaunderthesea

He was the almighty sky:

full of color, full of life

ranging from yellows and blues that are never rife,

a spectral beauty that leaves me mystified

I was but the melancholic sea:

the unfathomable mystery, the realm of unknown

I never had a colour of my own

until the sky's colour I penetrated to mimicry

Unfortunately, there was always the line,

the thin line that ensures our separation

The almost that is never enough for reciprocation;

horizon, they say, that is lacking to be deemed fine

I surged my waves to break that boundary:

a storm was unleashed, fury was knocking

Because the sky wouldn't return the same tenacity

to have the horizon slowly vanishing

I looked up at him, like what I do every now and then,

admiring his beauty yet recognizing we're discrete

Then I gazed at the horizon, like I do every now and then...

...wondering when the sky and the sea would finally meet.

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