Sleepover - a Kotlc Fanfiction
Sleepover - a Kotlc Fanfiction kotlc stories

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Not my best work... Fanfic about a sleepover at Everglen.

Sleepover - a Kotlc Fanfiction

"Another midterm, gone!" Said Biana to Sophie, Dex, Keefe, Fitz, Linh and Tam at the celebrations. "This calls for a celebration. My house. Tonight.

Party of the century! Bring your PJs and sleeping bags, we're having a sleepover!" And so everyone arrived at Everglen later that evening.

Biana and Fitz let them in, Keefe talking about Base Quest and Biana rambling about a makeover. Sophie rolled her eyes.

They set up their sleeping bags so everyone's heads would be facing each other. "Makeover time!" Biana announced as she dragged Sophie and Linh to the bathroom.

She put a light shade of blue glitter on Linh's eyelids then turned to Sophie. She put on Mascara, and a hundred other things Sophie had no clue what to call them.

Biana, Sophie and Linh then returned to the group and sat on their sleeping bags. "Let's play Truth or Dare!" Biana exclaimed. "Linh, you go first." "Okay," Linh started.

"Keefe, truth or dare?" "Dare said Keefe, a smile creeping on his face.

What should Keefe's dare be? Comment below my brain is empty

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