Body Language: They key to approaching women
Body Language: The key to picking up a woman stories

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The art of pickup

Body Language: They key to approaching women

From a former pickup artist

So you see her out and about, but you don't know what to do

All the feels

First - Always approach from the side or the front

Coming from behind someone instinctually scares them

Next - Don't lean in, stand straight and maintain presence

If you look scared, she'll be scared

If it's loud - talk louder, don't "pigeon" in and out

That's another sign of weakness

It doesn't matter what you say, as long as you're confident

There's no such thing as a pickup line, just good delivery

Don't believe me? Just blurt out "Raccoon!" (then laugh)

If you don't make it awkward, she won't. You're just "opening" the conversation

Above all, maintain a strong "frame"

The minute she spooks you is when you'll get shut down

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benjSilver CommaStoryteller
2 years agoReply
It all comes down to "be confident" basically. Easier said than done tho for sure

2 years agoReply
Haha this makes it seem super easy. As a's really really hard.