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Life is hard, but it is valuable.....a life lesson we all need to be reminded of....I was just thinking about this a lot. Then, one day I got bored and went on here and conjured this up! Hopefully it's okay...if not oh well!!


by tdog16

I remember when I was a kid.

I always wanted this or that. I always wanted change.

I would want to be older.

That was my number one wish.

I always wanted to be like my big sister.

She always went out with her friends, alone, and I couldn't without my mom.

My sister would get to go on walks by her self.

She was free, and I thought I wasn't.

I always wanted to be an adult.

I wanted to see how alcohol tasted, for all the adults drank it. I wanted to be like my dad, getting to drive to be free.

I wanted to be like my mom.

I wanted to go shopping for groceries buying anything I wanted. I wanted to be at work instead of school.

I wanted to grow up, and be old.

People older than me got to do and have more things. At least that's what I thought. Time flew by as I had lived my life revolving around that wish.

Now I sit here, drunk.

My taxes are overdue and I drown my sorrows in alcohol. You can't replace happiness, you can't replace being a kid.

All of my friends are mean because we are always alone.

Every time I shop, I stress, money controlling my every purchase. I have to drive my family all over the place. I have no job because I didn't pay attention in school.

Life is hard, but it is valuable.

Not a day goes by without me regretting my wish. If I had only known the hard work life was. If I had only opened my eyes and lived my life. If I had only valued what I had.

Parents used to tell me 'you'll understand when you're older.' And now I do understand now that I've lived it. But if my parents had warned me for this world it wouldn't be like this.

Tell your children about the world.

Prepare them, for it is scary. Don't coddle them like my parents did.

Live your life to the fullest.

Value what you have, or else time will pass you by thinking about what you don't have.

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