The Howls
The Howls stories

tdog16Community member
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This is just me really liking wolves....My heart dies with the howl.

The Howls

by tdog16

I awake from my nightly slumber, sweating and scared.

My eyes groggy and my thoughts abuzz. The distant sound of howls echoes through the cold winter air.

My heart leaps with instant sorrow.

The howel bringing pain and emotion. It carries out long and low. The lonely wolf whimpering and whining, showing distress among the howel. Slowly it dies.

Tears well up.

My heart dies with the howl. I howl back proud yet meaningful. I show my support. We may have lost family but now we must help the rest of the family that we have left.

With my deep howl the distant family answers back.

Soon the rest of my family joins in. We sound like a beautiful choir, mourning, yet stronger together rather than apart.

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