Taxi~Part One
Taxi~Part One trapped stories
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Just a short bit on a little taxi drive.

Taxi~Part One

by Tdog16

"Taxi!" I called out into the cold afternoon air. I danced in the current, arms waving and becoming. My words were carried by the ferocious wind, allowing the taxi to pull up beside me.

The tires packed the snow down with a crunch, slowly stopping at the edge of the curb. The sound and wind sent shivers throughout my body.

I hugged my fluffy winter jacket closer to my body, trying to keep out the frosty chill. Lunging towards the bright taxi, I brought my red bare hand to the cold metal handle.

I jumped inside the taxi, warmth engulfing me. The door closed with a slam, shutting out the winter. The warmth welcomed me, eating at my uncovered flesh, melting the coolness away.

The powerful smell of lilacs put my nose out of order.

I coughed from the eye watering smell.

"140 Chaferon Crescent" my hoarse voice cut through the cozy atmosphere. It felt weird when I talked. My mouth was numb, causing me to sound like a baby. I glanced in the rear view mirror.

My cheeks were full, plump and red. My nose held frost bight, glowing like Rudolph. The ghostly weight colour of my face was tinged with pink. The heat blew at my, face waking it up.

With my weirdly said words, the taxi immediately started its rough journey, thrashing from side to side. With the snow it was bumpy jostling and tossing me about.

I clutched the seat belt, hoping that it would protect me from the jolts. Think about the end of the rainbow, I thought.

My thoughts ravelled away from the quality of the ride, to where I was going, home. My loving and caring home waited for me, holding my book and a television, perfect for watching Netflix on.

The sweet buttery smell of popcorn, the fizzy taste of soda. The comfy sofa waiting to hug me all night, as I enjoyed watching millions of action and horror movies.

The sound of screeching car breaks, groaning to stop, and the sudden jostle that had me flying forward, smacked me out of my thoughts.

The seat belt resisted the forceful tug, straining against the effort it dug into my shoulder. I winced as it yanked me backwards. Flustered and shocked, my eyes roamed the scene.

A glossy red light burned my eyes, reflecting my rage. I was boiling mad yet I took a deep breath and stared out the window, the snow cooling off my steam.

It was then that I realized that I did not know where I was. The buildings were unfamiliar, and I didn't recognize any street names. There is only one entrance to my house, and this is not it.

The foreign scenery blurred past the car window, "Um, excuse me," I tried getting the drivers attention. They were still, "this is the wrong way." No response.

The mysterious driver just stared straight ahead. It was a man, wearing dark cloths and bearing dark hair. I couldn't see their face making this scenario a dangerous one.

It was deadly silent the rest of the way. The only sound was the soft snapping of the tires smaking the snow.

Where is he taking me? Is he going to bring me out to the woods and kill me? I didn't want to die, but I had no choice other than to stay where I was.

The doors and windows were locked, giving me no possible escape route. I was trapped in this suffercating, creepy taxi, not knowing where I was going.

After hours of eery silence, the taxi rolled to a stop. My head shot up to look at where I was. Eyes wide open an mouth agape I looked at my surroundings.

What lay before me had my heart racing and sweat rolling down my face. "No way" I mummered with fright.


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