Prince Charming
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tdog16 Community member
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I seem to be a sucker for romance.

Prince Charming

I'm a dreamer.

I've always dreamt of eating from every culture.

I've always dreamt of traveling the world.

I've always dreamt of late nights with friends.

I've always dreamt of a happy marriage.

Then one day Prince Charming entered my life.

We became instant friends, which soon turned into love.

He had the same dreams as mine,

He didn't want to stick to the rest of society.

It was as if it was from a book when He asked me "Run away with me."

My heart was pounding furiously,

It was melting from the heat our love held.

In that moment I knew he was my universe.

I knew he was the one for me,

He was my Prince Charming.

So I responded,


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