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The circle of blame, the circle of pain.


It was a tranquil night, When she caught my eye, It was a tragic sight, When she stumbled by.

Tears tumbled down To her plump lips, Cracked like her heart, They formed a frown.

Makeup like a clown, Hair from the wild, Still, she could wear a crown That, had me beguiled.

Her beauty wondrous With makeup atrocious, A true angel fallen She was the olen.

I sprinted when she tripped, Arms blocking the fall. As I held her in my arms My heart instantly flipped

Her eyes chocolate brown, So delicious, so sweet, It made me wonder, What had her beat?

I gazed into those eyes, Searching for an answer, Looking for her pain, But nothing seemed to arise.

They seemed to be dull Like a rusty old tool. Whoever did this was cruel, Why hurt such a jewel?

I gazed into her eyes, Brown, broken, and beat, And saw her pain fade As her heart tamed its cries.

Her call for help ceased For she'd been saved, Not only in person, But also in heart.

A glimmer of gold Holds as a lamp In her once dark eyes. Her eyes no longer cold.

It's as if that light Was a sliver of hope, Shinning in the night, Sparking a love so bright.

She trusted me with words, A stranger she just met. Told me why her eyes wet, And who hurt her poor heart.

Her words just tumbled As my stomach fumbled. Butterflies danced, And words pranced.

Words about her forceful ex, And how she didn't want sex. Words about a breakup, But not about a makeup.

After time passed, We exchanged numbers So that talking would last For I had a blast.

It's been a year now, Since we first talked. We've hung out countlessly, But are still friends somehow.

It was love at first sight, That cold September night, The moment I had yearned, The moment I had craved.

That wondrous night Is when my love ignited, It's when my life began, And when I became a man.

The connection we had Was a bungee cord That could never rip, And we would never slip.

If we were to try leaving This unbreakable love link, We would bounce right back, So no one would hardcore drink.

With this in my head And love in my heart, I knew it was time To finally start.

So I took her, one lovely day, To the place where we met, To the place where it began, To the lot where the theatre lay.

On this sunny day, As I held her soft hand, I got the nerve to say, "Will you be my girlfriend."

She looked at me in dismay, Tore her hand from mine, "I got back with my ex," She said, trashing the day.

My heart broke in two For I thought she loved me. My emotions flew, Right out the window.

I walked away numb, No longer alive. My life seemed to dive, As I left her behind.

She never ran after me, She stayed where she was, Cutting the bungee cord With her words, her sword.

It was never love. She destroyed her angel side When she fell from above, Now she was a demon.

A storm swirled inside me, Wanting to be free, It clenched at my sole, And I let it eat me whole.

It was the demon passed on, From her ex, now boyfriend, To her, and now it claimed me. I was not myself, for I was gone.

The pain is a cycle, Eating at its victims, It takes a lot to tame, Don't let it take claim.

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