Over and Over Again
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tdog16Community member
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just the hurt that I feel....Over and over again I cry.

Over and Over Again

by tdog16

Over and over again the world says the same thing,

"It will be fine."

Over and over again I'm told that lie as I cry at night.

Over and over agian I tell myself to be strong, but it's hard to hold on.

Over and over again I tell the world my wisdom.

But over and over again, somewhere deep inside, I doubt my words.

Over and over again I am down on myself,

Knowing in the end I will never reach my goal, perfection.

Over and over again I am betrayed,

Stabbed in the back and forgotten.

Over and over again my heart breaks,

Leaving me in pieces with no one to pick them up.

Over and over again my heart thumbs,

Keeping me alive to live through these things.

Over and over again I question my life,

For it's hard to live in a world of pain.

Over and over again I cry,

But I live.

I live for family,

I live for friends, even if they have hurt me,

I live for my lover who has broken my heart.

I live for possibilities,

I live for chances,

I live for my future.

I am the living image of hope.

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