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Slowly the figure lifted an arm. Blood glistened on the shiny silver blade.< br/>< br/>...< br/>< br/>Just a girl walking alone on a cold night in New York City. What could go wrong?<br/>...<br/>So one of these REALLY intense slides deleted so now it's not that great:(

New York City

by tdog16

Sirens howled in the night.

I strolled along the haunted, dark streets of New York City. Tall buildings stood brightly and confidently surrounding me. Dark, gloomy, and endless alleyways chilled my bones every time I passed

Alone and cold I walked at night.

Not a car on the road, just the lights blinking yellow. The wind viciously screamed in my ears whipping my long hair in my face.

The cold air stung my eyes, making them water.

I dare not to look around. I trained my eyes to follow my footsteps, looking down at the sidewalk and nothing more.

My muscles were tense.

My heart beat uncontrollably, pumping blood unnaturaly, spiking my adrenaline. My teeth clenched as I fought curiosity to glance up and around at what could be there.

My mind wandered.

Was there a murderer standing with a bloody knife in an alley. Was there a random dude following me trying to hook up with me. There could be a lost kid in search of their parents, starving.

My imagination ran wild.

Thought after thought I grew even more terrified. Ten more minutes, I told myself, just keep on walking. I breathed in and out continuing my journey to my apartment.

I closed my eyes for a moment trying to clear my head.

Suddenly I heard something strange.

I stopped and listened. Clink Clonk, the weird noise found its way to my ears. Then again it sounded, Clink Clonk. They were shuffled footsteps making there way behind me.

Immediately I started walking again, head down and ears attentive. Again it sounded, Clink Clonk. The footsteps sounded heavy, perhaps boots with buckles and clips.

Clink Clonk Clink Clonk.

It seemed to be moving faster. As if being chased or chasing. My heart raced as I sped up now in a jog. My palms sweat as I listened to the horrifying beat, Clink Clonk.

As my heavy breath quickened I resisted the temptation to look back. Just keep moving, I motivated myself, you can survive this, it's just a little bit farther.

They are going to stab me in the back, quick and easy kill.

Paranoid I gave up resisting and glanced back. A tall and wide luminous black figure limped behind me. It stalked me in the night chilling me to the bone.

The black figure abruptly stopped.

It's head moved upwards. Green glowing eyes stared right at me and into my soul. My body trembled with fright. Slowly the figure lifted an arm. Blood glistened on the shiny silver blade.

Terrified my body pivoted forward but my head was stationed.

My legs moved ready for flight. My foot caught on my other and I stumbled forward. With a new scenario at hand I had lost my eye contact with the black figure.

My body lurched forward heading fast for the ground.

My hands reached out ready to block the impact. When I touched the cold ground the wind had blown out of me and my arms collapsed underneath me. My body was rocked from inside and out.

My dirty hands grew numb.

Remembering the figure I jumped up shaking all of the pain and dirt off. Hurriedly I whipped my head around frantically searching for the black figure that held the bloody knife waiting to kill.

There was only the dark night and bright buildings.

I peered closer straining my eyes. Nothing. Extending my hearing in hopes to find the Clink Clonk I heard only far distanced car horns and the wind howling.

There was nothing. The figure was gone. It had disappeared.

I must have dreamt it up I was so parinoid, I pondered.

Still shocked and rocked out of my symptoms stem, I turned around and sprinted home as fast as I could. Hoping nobody was following me.

Never again would I prowl about the streets alone, at night, in New York City.

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