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In a ridiculous prince voice he asked "may I have this dance, M'lady. I burst out laughing and took his outstretched hand. < br/>"You may, kind-sir" I royalty said playing along. < br/>< br/>...< br/>< br/>A short story on how Caline found the difference between love and a crush at a New Years Eve party.< br/>< br/>...< br/>< br/>OMG so sorry this is so long!!!

New Years Eve Party

by tdog16

His arms wrapped around my naked torso, "I love you Caline."

His whispers and love bites put me in a bliss as a faint buzzing sounded in the background. His cold hands caressed my lower back sending shivers through my body.

Bzz Bzz, the noise got louder distracting me.

As I trembled under his touch I strained my ears and glanced around Cole's dark room, trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. "Babe?" His voice sounded far away.

The buzzing started blasting in my ears.

Cole's cold touch left my body and I looked over only to find him gone. My eyes felt heavy and I felt myself unwillingly closing them.

I woke up with a jolt sweat covering my freezing body.

While shooting up I had banged my head on the bottom of the top bunk.

The buzzing sounded to my right.

My phone lay on the black dresser squirming with life at the announcement that my best friend, Shaulen was calling. I groaned and lightly fell back on my fluffy bed. I glanced at the bed above.

Did I really just have a dream of my crush and I naked?

I shoved my hand under the covers and in my pants only to find that I was wet. Great that was just fantastic, I had a wet dream, bad girl Caline you are so dirty, I scolded myself.

My phone had finally given up hope of me answering.

I glared at it. I didn't want to call Shaulen back because she talked too much but at the same time I was itching with curiousity. I desired to know what she wanted.

After some debating I reached over and grabbed my phone.

I called her back holding my black cased phone up to my ear. I waited in anticipation, listening to the phone hum in annoyance. After the fourth ring I got ready to hang up.

"Caline!" My friends excited voice shouted through the phone

"Hi Shaulen," I sighed. "Ha did you see how I did that?" she continued talking before I could answer, "I picked up the phone at last minute because you didn't pick up. CARMA!!!" She screamed.

Laughing, I pulled the phone away from my ear.

"Sorry I was sleeping." "Mhm and you were to busy dreaming about Cole." Wait how did she know? Sometimes she is so creepy I almost wonder if she is sidekick or something.

"I was not!" I horribly lied blushing fearsly at her comment

She saw through my white lie but pretended not to notice, "Mhm, so are you going to his New Years Eve party tonight? It's supposed to be really big."

"Wait what? Who's party?"

"Oh don't be stupid your crushes party. You know Cole bear, your babe, your other half, your sex-" "Alright that's enough!" I cut her off while she giggled in response. "So are you going?"

I thought about it for awhile.

Will it be weird with me, a nerd, showing up to my crushes party who just happens to be super popular? Will I embarrass myself in front of him? Will I fit in? Will I enjoy myself?

"Heellllooo" Shaulen's childish voice brought me to reality.

I still have my best friend and I'm sure she will allow me to have a great time.

"Yes, I'll go" I finally concluded.

"YEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!" My best friend squealed while I chuckled at her response. "Okay I'll be at your house at four o'clock this evening." And then she hung up leaving me to wait upon her arrival.

*4:15 p.m*

The doorbell rang announcing my pretty, blonde haired, best friends whereabouts. When I opened it up I found her carrying a box of pepperoni pizza from Panago. "Awe you didn't."

Confused the little girl said "What are you talking about? This is all for me." She joked while pointing at the box containing delicious food.

I chuckled as we ran upstairs to my room.

"Okay so the party starts at five so I'm thinking we head there at about 5:15 and be fashionably late. What do you think?" I chuckled opening the door "sure."

We ate pizza and got ready for the party with our plan set.

*5:25 p.m*

The cold air chilled my sweating body as Shaulen and I gradually walk up to Cole's house. "I'm so pumped!" She squealed. My best friend wore a skin tight deep blue dress that reached her thighs.

Her beautiful silk hair flowed down to her bare shoulders.

I look up at the house. Lights streamed out the windows and dance music hummed in the cool Autumn air. "Can we please hurry up" a whine broke me from my awkward zombie walking.

I smiled at my best friend before dashing in my pink heels.

After reaching the open door I waited for a breathless Shaulen to catch up. "How-" breath "can-" breath "you-" breath "run-" breath "in heels." I laughed my head off at her. "What!" She glared.

"Nothing" I chuckled before disappearing in the crowd.

I am so thirsty, I thought. Shaulen trailed in my wake as we pushed through people to the kitchen. Empty beer bottles and red solo cups scattered amongst the house. The house was a mess.

Once I reached the island I looked for water.

When I didn't see any I turned around to ask Shaulen what she wanted. She was no where to be found. I groaned in frustration, this was going to be a fantastic night, I sarcastically thought.

When I turned around I bumped into a hard muscled person.

I squealed and jumped back "I'm sorry." The handsome stud chuckled in a deep voice before speaking in a rough tone, "Do you want something to drink?" Realization dawned on me.

The stud muffin was Cole's best friend, Adam.

"Is there any water?" I quietly croaked. Adam thought long and hard scratching his reddish-brown scruff. "Well," he finally said "we were not supposed to give it to anyone but you can have some

He shuffled over to the fridge, retrieved one and passed it.

I gladly took it, thanking him, before I took I chugged half of the bottle down. Again he softly laughed "so you here alone tonight?" "No I'm here with my best friend who abandoned me."

Suddenly 5 seconds of summer's song, End Up Here, came on.

"I love this song!" I squealed louder than the music. My cheeks heated with embarrassment while everyone stared at me and Adam laughed. On the spur of the moment Adam bowed.

I stared at him in confusion.

In a ridiculous prince voice he asked "may I have this dance, M'lady." I burst out laughing and took his outstretched hand. "You may, kind-sir" I royally said playing along.

He led me towards the dance floor, otherwise known as the living room, and we broke out dancing. His hips swayed to the music and my head bounced in tune. I belted out the lyrics having fun.

After the song finished we kept on dancing.

It wasn't until 24 songs later before I got tired and made my leave to find Shaulen. As I turned I bumped into a girl holding a drink.

"B*tch" she screamed as the red substance seeped through her white laced dress, staining it. Abruptly the music stopped and everything was silent. "This dress cost $100! You are going to die!"

Sweat formed on my brow.

I was shocked, I wanted to scream that I was sorry but nothing came out. The popular chick flew at me knocking me to the ground. The wind was knocked out off me as my back slammed on the floor.

I gasped in pain as pins stabbed me in the back.

The blonde haired girl raised her hand and slapped me across the face repeatedly. My face stung and tears welled in my eyes as the crowd around us yelled, fight.

I lay pinned unable to move my arms.

I was terrified and I couldn't fight back. My eyes closed as I took everything she threw at me. I braced for more but when none came after a while I slowly opened my eyes.

The first thing I saw was him.

Cole stood with the blonde chick in his arms holding her back from rushing at me. He gazed intently at me while a girl struggled against his tough hold.

"Up you go," Adam whispered while gently helping me up.

Just as my body was about to relax my muscles tensed right up when the girl broke free of Cole's iron hard grip. I jumped back into Adams rock hard chest frightened of her outburst.

Cole speedily snagged the girls pitite waist.

He flipped the girl around and crashed his lips onto hers. The girls body calmed as hurt struck me. He just kissed a girl and it wasn't me.

Sharply I drew in a shaky breath, but I ran away before tears fell. I dashed away from the scene and into the nearest bathroom while Adam called after me.

I slammed the door and locked it.

Jealousy stung but hurt overpowered as I sank to the tiled floor. I brushed my black hair out of my face and let the tears flow. How could I be so stupid?

I'm just some ugly nerd where as he is athletic and popular.

He would never go for me I'm pathetic. I mean look at me I couldn't even push the girl off of me I just lay still and didn't fight! I'm such a coward. I'm so fat. Nobody will ever like me.

My heart sank.

I sobbed my eyes out and put myself down for the longest time before someone banged on the door making me jump away from it. "Open up" a deep voice demanded. I shook with fright.

As I reached for the knob I prepared myself for the person.

I wiped away my tears and took in deep breaths to calm myself. When I opened the door I didn't even get a chance to speak before strong arms wrapped around my large figure.

Engulfed in the hug I relaxed and put my arms around him.

He pulled away from the comforting hug and looked at my puffy eyes in concern. "Are you alright?" My heart leapt at Adam's scruffy voice. I looked at his lovely green eyes in adoration "yes."

"I was so worried," he admitted "you just ran off and I couldn't find you." He softly stroked my arms, "you are so beautiful" he whispered. I stared at him in shock that came out of no where.

"T-hanks" I stuttered in disbelief.

I looked down at my red blouse and blue jeans, this was hardly nice he should see Shaulen or that blonde haired girl they are way skinnier, dressed nicer and are prettier than me.

"You're sure your okay?" He inspected me.

"Yes," I lied "I'm fine." I could tell he didn't believe me the way he glared at me and shook his head in dubiety. Adam opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by my best friend.

"CALINE!" She exclaimed running over to Adam and I.

Adam stepped away from me allowing Shaulen to run into my arms. "Are you okay? I heard what happened. Sorry I ditched you, but there was this really cute guy. I couldn't find you anywhere!"

My best friend ranted on as if I hadn't seen her in weeks.

When she we were done talking I went to introduce her to Adam but found him gone so I met her new boyfriend instead. After threatening the poor guy I headed straight for the alcohol.

I did not drink but boy was this an emotional night.

I needed to loosen up and since I had no real friend to turn so I relied to the friend who could be there for me, beer. After loosing track of how many beers I had, I strolled outside.

Out there people were smoking and wet from water fights.

I just sat there and watched them my thoughts slurred and my emotions numb. I pointed at a guy carrying a beer and shouted at him "give that to me please." He handed it over not thinking twice.

I started to chug the half empty beer.

Then somebody tore the thing out of my hand. My eyes opened frantic to find where my friend went. There Adam stood, with my beer bottle in his hand and anger rolling off him.

"How many is this?" He angrily demanded, fists balled tight.

"Give it back" I whined. "How many?" He spoke through clenched teeth. "I los tra afer nine" I slurred. He threw the bottle into the neighbors yard and then raked his hand through his hair.

Roughly Adam gripped my arm and dragged me inside the house.

"Ow" I whimpered causing Adam to slow down and loosen his tight grip. "I'm sorry" he softly said but kept tugging me along with him. He went up the stairs and into a room.

He tossed me on a soft and squishy bed causing me to squeal.

Instinctively I started to sexually move my hand up my leg and to the button on my jeans. With no thought whatsoever I started to undo my pants. I could see Adam's Adam apple move up and down.

I slowly slid my pants off my hips.

Then Adam lost it, he scurried out of the room slamming the door behind him. I stopped my actions and groaned in annoyance. My eyes grew heavy so I closed them and fell asleep on the comfy bed.

*11:58 p.m*

I woke up, my head pounding with a splitting headache. Slowly I got up from the warm bed I was sleeping in to find water. Wait where was I?

I stumbled towards the cream coloured door.

I carefully walked down the carpeted stairs. I looked around to see people gathering outside. Suddenly I remembered where I was I was at Cole's house for a New Years Eve party.

I wobbled outside to see what was going on.

Somebody shouted through the microphone saying "15 seconds left!" I saw people paring off preparing themselves. What time was it? Then it started, everyone joined in, the countdown had begun.

"10!" Frantically I searched for Cole.

I wanted to kiss him for he had been my crush for my whole 16 yeared life. "9!" Everyone shouted.

My eyes scanned the crowd.

My gaze swept over Shaulen and her boyfriend. "8!" I didn't want to be left out. "7!" I found Cole. "6!" He was in the arms of the blonde chick.

"5!" I watched hurt as the girl puckered her lips.

"4!" My heart fell.

"3!" I started panicking.

"2!" I had no one to kiss! I sweat uncontrollably.

"1!" A strong arm yanked me back into there torso.

His lips crashed into mine before I even got a chance to see who it was. Not giving a care I moved my lips with his. In sync we roughly ate at each other. His mouth was sweet and minty.

I pulled away from the amazing kiss and looked at him.

It was Adam.

My heart skipped a beat as he mumbled "happy New Year."

I jumped at him and kissed him with so much passion. My hands ran through his brown hair and my body softened at his touch.

The whole night this man had made me laugh, comforted me, had fun with me, protected me from my friend beer, and left when I was trying to strip. He was so good to me tonight.

I want to experience this affection that he had towards me tonight, forever and always.

Sure I had a crush on Cole but I care for Adam.

We could get to know each other better and I have a feeling that I will fall for this guy. I knew that this would be a great year for both of us.

And that night I dreamt about him.

In the dream we watched Finding Dory while snuggling in our bed.

It is funny how there is so much of a difference between love and a crush.

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