Mysterious Land
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"Christie I'm scared" I whined to my best friend... sometimes you should listen to your instinct not your friend...just a short scary story that I hope you all will be thrilled with😂 Get it?😂 Nope, okay, I'll just be writing another story.

Mysterious Land

by tdog16

"Christie I'm scared" I whined to my best friend.

"Don't be a chicken," she rolled her eyes, "you'll be fine" then she turned around and continued walking. I unwillingly followed behind her, my head flickering in all different directions.

Call me paranoid, but this place is scary. The trees loomed over our small frames, their branches jagged like knives. The dark sky made seeing the ground impossible.

I stepped on the darkness cautiously, afraid of what lay on top, and underneath. A breeze swept through the mysterious land, the bare branches creaking, trembling in the cold air.

The screech of the bending trees beside me, made me walk faster. I did not want any creepy aged trees falling on me tonight!

I caught up to Christie "Maybe we should turn back" unsure, I suggested the option in hope that she would want to leave as well.

"No way! We are just about there, no turning back now" then she took of in a jog, her hair bouncing, dancing in the wind. I groaned, I just wanted to sleep in my cozy warm bed.

A rustle sounded to my left. My head jolted in the direction, fear enveloping me. My eyes darted, my body froze. Move, Amanda, you're going to die if you don't, I told myself.

I looked ahead to see that Christie was no where in sight. There was no path. Bushes, thistles, dead leaves, and broken branches littered the floor.

Trees designed as weapons swayed violently all around me, all I could see was trees. Trees to my left and trees to my right, trees in front and behind. No human silhouette was in sight.

"Christie? Christie?! Christie where are you?!!" My shouts and cries echoed in the dead of night, carried by the breeze.

Turning in the spot, I decided to walk in the directions of the trees, being they were all around me I really had no sense of direction.

I let my voice lead the way, but never did Christie respond. As I trudged further, the floor became a slide. My shoes were sinking in gooey mud, making a sucking noise.

The mud slowed me down to a pace of a snail. I struggled in the icky substance, squirming in the mud's grasp.

One difficult step after the other, I continued my trip out of the forest or towards my best friend. The horrid stench burned my nostrils.

The putrid garbage smell of swamp water getting more potent. I scrunched my nose in disgust, soon plugging it with my fingers, trying to mask the smell.

An eternal howl broke through the steady wind. My head flicked upward to see a full glowing moon mocking me. It was high, free from the boundaries of this hell whole.

Owls hooted, crickets strummed their legs, frogs crocked, and the coyotes and wolves howled, all of them a band. It was if it was background music for a thriller, and I was in the movie.

"Christie!" my voice was coarse and dry, but still a called her name. Where could she be?! I was beyond worried for my best friend, hoping that she was alright.

A faint girls voice whispered in my ears, coming from ahead. I ran as fast as the mud would let me, stumbling forward.

"Christie?! Christie is that you?!" A human shadow appeared in my line of sight. "Christie?!" I whispered, my lungs sore. The humans brown hair blew in the wind, blending in with the night.

The girl turned around, and Christie's facial features greeted with me with a smile. Her white teeth glimmering in the night. "Thank goodness! I thought I lost you!" She didn't murmur a word.

As I got closer I picked out her face more clearly. Her face was menacing, quirked with darkness and mischievous. "Christie?" Fear crawled back, pushing me away from her.

She marched toward me, determined, hands held behind her back. Once my best friend was closer to me, she revealed what she was hiding. Christie bore a shiny silver dagger, glistening in her hand.

My eyes grew wide with fear as my best friend took one last step toward my shivering body. "Finally," she laughed like a crazy person "I can get you out of my life."

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