My Nevergreen Life
My Nevergreen Life death stories

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"There is no peace," you used to say "only evil clouds my day."

So this was a weird story but this is my life.... so ya know you will understand what I'm going through.

My Nevergreen Life

by tdog16

"I want to die," my loved one stated.

"I will get run over by a train, drown in a lake, drug myself to death, hang myself, and even shoot myself."

I loved you like a brother and didn't want to lose you.

"Don't go," I would plead as the sun finished its job "There is so much to live for, just keep holding on."

It would be a long night and a tiring journey.

Living on an endless highway of depression trying to make things better. "Live for your future" I used to tell you, but over and over you denied the good.

I would cry myself to sleep over a silly thing called love.

I would hope that my best friend would live a little longer.

With me on one side of the city and you on the other.

I couldn't comfort you, I let you suffer. "What's in it for my future or my children's? War? Evil? Death?"

"There is no peace," youused to say "only evil clouds my day

Little did you know that within your life there was beauty that you couldn't see. Like the evergreen Central Park that lied in the middle of a corrupt town.

Still you didn't understand what you couldn't see.

I loved you, but youdidn't see it.You broke my heart.You told me you weregoingto die,you promised me that I was going to be fine. But here I am with tears in my eyes holding on to something dead.

We will never go and explore the world together.

We will never get to eat at our favourite restaurants together. We will never do anything. You will be still and I will be moving looking at your grave in pain.

Thinking what happened to our isolated dream.

We were going to grow old together as a family. Live on a remote island, off the grid. How things change so fast.

I will forever stare at the sunset alone.

Always will I wonder what your life could have been.

Now as your road ended mine detoured.

I head down a different path in hopes that this pain won't eat me alive. Forever I will live in guilt wondering what I could have done. And forever I will never move on.

And so I live on for you alone and afraid.

But one day we will reunite in Heaven or in Hell, and carry on together, like nothing ever happened.

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