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I wrote this a LONG time ago so sorry if it's bad......Immediately I realized my mistake. My body stiffened and my breath faltered, all was silent....a story about a women (and a cat) who lives by herself, isolated, when she finds a cat in her house.


by tdog16

It was just an ordinary day.

I sat on my comfy caramel couch reading my favourite story, Fallen by Lauren Kate. The sun shined brightly through the small window allowing light for me to read.

It was a Saturday, a day off accountant work.

My parents had died in a car crash, and I was the only child. My grandma was in the hospital and I was planning on seeing her later today.

So I was alone.

I enjoyed the calm and quite house all to myself it was delightful. Nobody to interrupt my reading, and nobody to entertain or look after. No noisy neighbours for thousands of miles. Just silence

My stomach endlessly growled.

Time for lunch, I thought. While waltzing to the kitchen I hummed to distract myself from the eery feeling of being watched.

The smell of food brought my tastebuds to life.

Once in the small kitchen I headed straight to the fridge. I spotted my favourite thing, leftover pepperoni pizza. My hand lunged for the plastic bag containing delicious food.

I heard a floorboard creek to my right.

The fridge door was blocking my view of that direction so I could not see what had made the noise. My heart raced. My pulse widely pumped. Hairs stood on the back of my neck.

Please don't die, I begged myself.

I took in a deep breath of courage, you can do it don't be scared. It's probably just the breeze, or something, not an axe murderer. Quickly before I lost the strength I reached for the handle.

Hurriedly I slammed the fridge door.

A wave of coolness struck me in the face. Bottles rattled from impact. There in my living room was a cat sitting on its bottom licking its paws, bathing itself.

A gust of wind flew from my mouth in relief.

Nobody was going to kill me, I will live another day. I glided over to the sofa and plucked down. I sink into the puffed couch relaxing my muscles. I reached over to grab my book but then realize

There is a cat in my house.

I look over at the orange cat to my right roughly licking its soft fur. How did a cat get into my house? The door is locked and I have no windows that open. And my neighbors don't own a cat.

Where did this creature come from?

I glare at the little cat inspecting it. Should I just leave the thing in my house or move it. I was not feeling motivated to move, but I wanted this creepy thing gone.

Slowly I got off my butt, never breaking eyesight with it.

I gently picked it up by the scruff. I held the cat an arms length away not wanting to get scratched. Surprisingly it made no noise as I gradually gained ground, just about reaching the door.

I made it to the back door without getting scratched.

The accomplishment felt great but I had started celebrating too soon. Just as I was about to turn the handle with the cat now close to my chest. The cat hissed jolting me from happiness.

I dropped the cat and let out a yelp.

The cat sprinted away from the door and hid behind the sofa its head picking out to watch. I glanced back at the backyard door. What was the cat afraid of?

I reached for the handle again.

The cat meowed breaking my focus. I glanced back at the cute cat. What could be on the other side of that door?

All of a sudden I heard footsteps.

I gave myself whiplash from the sudden fright, and movement , and let out a whimper. Thump Thump, they shuffled their way to my door. I stepped back. What the heck was happening?

I looked back to see how the cat was reacting only to find that it had disappeared. The noise sounded again,causing my eyes to watch the thick black door, but veering my head,looking for the cat

"Here Kitty Kitty" I whisper-yelled.

There was no answer from the cat but the person behind the door responded. Thud Thud Thud, they banged on the door, rattling the hinges.

My heart flickered with fright.

My nerves bubbled to the surface, forming a slick sheet of sweat all over my petite body. Where the hell is that cat and who is on the other side of the back door.

My brain raced, puzzling together a plan.

I kept backing away. I walked away from my fears and away from the door. I breathed heavily. I started to panic. What if that person wants to kill me?

The person knocked again.

I jumped at the sound. I whipped my head around frantically, eyes searching for a weapon. I needed something to defend myself with, I was not going down without a fight.

The deep and louder sound of knuckles against wood sounded.

Quickly I snapped my attention back on the door. Maybe I'll just wait it out hiding in a room, I thought. Step by step I backed up. I heard a groan from the other side of the door.

Just keep walking, just keep walking, do dododo do do.

I promoted myself with happy thoughts as I backed up. Suddenly my thoughts were jumbled when my back struck something hard. The cool item brang a sudden pain to my lower back, bruising me.

"Frick!" I shouted in pain.

Immediately I realized my mistake. My body stiffened and my breath faltered, all was silent. I glanced back at the source of my black and blue flesh. It was the stupid counter.

But what caught my eye was the knife lying on it.

Quickly I snatched the kitchen knife. When you can't run and you can't hide, you get a knife and fight for your life. With changed plans, a surge of confidence flows through my body.

I strut to the door.

Don't worry, you won't die, you have a knife, I told myself. You will live to tell your grandma you love her. When I reached my destination, my hand lowering to the knob, I stopped.

Reality checked in with me.

This wasn't the Middle Ages, they could be holding a gun, and you know what they say, 'never bring a knife to a gun show.' I wasn't going to see my old grandma, I'll be dead before she is.

The person rapped on the back door repetitively.

I had to make a move. The person was growing frustrated, but knew I was in the house. Whoever they were they really badly wanted me to answer the door. But who knocks at the back door?

Thought whirled through my mind.

A decision had to be made, but what would I decide? Should I answer the door, like the person wants me too. Or should I wait and see what happens?

Should I open it and hope for the odds on my side?

Or should I let them shoot the wooden door and break into my house? Both options took a chance. Then light caught the corner of my eye. Suddenly there was a new alternative.

It was like a little light was shon on my day of fear.

I should have thought of that before, I scolded myself. I let out a breath of relief, my body relaxed a bit. There may be no peephole, but there is a window.

Another knock told me they still haven't given up.

I scrambled to the window. I cupped my shaking hands around my eyes, shielding them from the sun. My eyes strained to see the source of the knock. But I didn't see anything.

My eyebrows pulled together in confusion.

I just heard them knock when I looked through the window, I thought. My knife lowered by my side I strided back towards the door and opened it. Nothing, nobody, was there.

Just the crisp sunny air, lapping at my face.

No matter how far I looked not a sole was there. Wait, what if it was like those horror movies where they are behind you? I spun around, only to find my empty house.

I chuckled to myself. I'm an idiot.

Their was never someone actually knocking, it was all just my imagination. My nerves settled, and my muscles loosened. The back door slammed behind me. Cool air swirled into my back.

Shivers shot down my spine. My body tensed.

It was just the wind, no need to be afraid, I lied to myself. I slowly turned. Eyes afraid of looking in advance. A scream tickled at my throat.

A dirty, stinky, old man, with unruly hair, stood there.

The short man covered his ears and took in staggered breaths. Finally my ear piercing scream subsided and I backed away, again, from my fears. "W-what are y-you doing h-here?"

The man removed his muddied, shaky hands from his ears.

"I find my cat" he stumbled upon his words in a raspy voice. "You have my cat?" I shook my head and dropped my knife " Your cat was here but left." My nose crinkled at the foul smell of urine

The man bowed his head.

All of the fear disappeared and was replaced by sympathy for the homeless man. "I'm sorry, but I can help you look for your-"

I was cut off when a faint meow came from behind me.

I looked back to see the same orange cat from before. "Kitty!" The man yelled like a kid in a candy store, running towards his cat and embracing it. My eyes teared up at the sight.

My heart swelled and I smiled.

For the hectic, thrilling, and strange day that I had, it ended up being okay.

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