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"He..lp m...e" a shaky voice whispers again..... Who doesn't forget their homework? The only twist is that Megan doesn't only try to find her homework....I tried to make it shorter because that's what everyone seems to like.

Janitors Closet

by tdog16

"Bye Kyle!" I yelled at my best friend before leaving.

I pushed open the double doors of the school letting the cool air engulf me. I skipped to my white Porsche that blended in with the snow. I jumped in, started the engine, and drove home.

When I got home I dropped my bag at the front.

I ambled my way towards the kitchen in need of some sweets. I hummed, my voice breaking the silence of the empty home. As I was eating a strange noise filtered to my ears.

Rrrriiipp. Rrrrriiippp.

The sound echoed making my heart and mouth stop. My parents were working so that couldn't be them. Slowly I listened my breathing controlled, so I could find the direction of the noise.

Rrrriippppp. Rrrriipppp.

It sounded to my left making my heart speed faster. Gradually I made my way to a door, the sound coming from the other side. My hand slid to the metal knob hoping that it was something good.

I opened the brown door fast, wanting to get it over with.

I looked around the room to see pillows torn apart, feathers drifting uselessly. It looked as if a tornado had came through the room. Throughout the disastrous room my eyes spotted the culprit.

Sitting on a bed full of feathers was a orange fluff ball.

My cat stared back at me with his green eyes, trying to look guilty. "REALLY!" I spoke to my cat "now I have to clean this up and do my homework." The cat looked at me dumbfounded.

It clawed the pillow once more ignoring my crazy rants.

Honestly I didn't care. I would let my parents deal with it and just do my homework. I walked downstairs and sorted through my backpack. I had my Social worksheet and my math textbook.

I smacked my head.

Did I really bring home my math textbook instead of my social?! Sometimes I can be so stupid. I looked at the clock, 6 o'clock, the school was already locked. I needed my work, badly.

It was due the next day and if I didn't hand it in I got a 0

After a few minutes of weighing my options I decided that I would just go to the school and try to get in. Plus it didn't hurt to try.

Desperate I drove back to school to retrieve my textbook.

I strode up to the doors and gave a hesitant tug. They opened causing my to stumble backwards.

That was weird, I thought.

I really didn't think they would open, they never lock them this late. I let the thought slide, someone was probably either working late or the cleaning crew was running behind.

I saunter over to my locker.

The lock jingled throughout the empty halls, not opening. After multiple attempts the lock let down its guard. As I lifted my arm, I could hear a faint cry in the still air.

I hurriedly pulled down the textbook.

Then I heard it again. My heart beat I had to get out of here something was up. I fumbled with the lock, trying to quickly close it. After I succeeded I began to walk back to the doors.

I trek towards the door but then come to a abrupt stop.

I heard someone say something. After a minute of dead silence I slowly continued to walk to the exit. "He..lp m...e" a shaky voice whispers again. I jump as my ears search in all directions.

Again the voice repeats itself.

It comes from behind me, making me turn in fright. My breath hitched as I slowly walk in the opposite direction of the door, towards the danger. My eyes scan the lockers, my ears sharp.

"H...elp me" it sounds closer but yet still far away.

My heart beats fast in my ears when there is nothing else to hear. I stroll the empty halls scanning the classrooms and lockers. "Help" the rough voice cracks from the janitors closet up ahead.

My strides falter as my sweating becomes prominent.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I start freaking out. What is someone doing in the janitors closet? What the hell is going on here.

A moan stifles from the closet.

I silently cry. Please, Please, Please just be a cat like before, you know one that talks and says help me. My brain ran circles over a bloody person behind the door.

Or perhaps this was all a set up.

The person on the other side of the door wanted me to find them. They perhaps wanted me dead. And kill me for being kind. I could see it in the news Girl Gets Killed With Kindness.

Then Selina Gomez would be playing at my funeral.

I shivered at the thought. I don't want to die. Why had I even decided to follow the creepy voice?! I was a retard. Who follows a muffled voice, coming from a janitors closet, saying help me?!

Especially when the school had no one in it.

Well except for me and that person on the other side of that door. I pad towards the wood door labeled Janitor Closet.

My heart was undecided about the plan, beating abnormally.

My mind rased with my heart in tempo. When the person started crying on the other side I made my decision I was going to be heroic even if it got me killed.

I took in a deep shaky breath.

My hand wavered over the knob my body still undecided even though my heart wanted to help. I should have listened to my body but instead I twisted the knob and...

A tap on my shoulder broke me from revealing the person.

My body stiffened with fright. I tardily removed my hand from the knob and carefully turned around.

I stared at my social teacher.

My muscles relaxed and I let out the breath I was holding. "Forgot your homework didn't you, Megan?" She gave me no time to respond as I stumbled on my words.

She smirked like the devil bringing chills down my spine.

"Now you will suffer you brat, just like the rest."

My eyes went wide in bewilderment. WHAT THE HELL!!?? Before I could escape her fist collided with my head knocking me out cold.

All I heard was my teacher laughing and a muffled scream.

Before everything went black.

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