I Waited(I Don't Know)

tdog1614 and excited!
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It's hard to know about the other side of a distant relationship.

I Waited(I Don't Know)

by tdog16

Dear Friend,

I don't know where you are. I don't know if you are on the edge of a knife. I don't know if you live near or far. I don't know if you are contemplating your life.

It's been a long time Since we had a talk. Sharing our feelings, Voicing our thoughts.

I don't know if you got help,

Or just kept suffering through the pain.

It's been too long since we pulled out our phones,

To make time, every single hour, to text. It's been forever since I've been waiting, Waiting for you to blow up my phone.

It's been a while, Since I wore a smile.

Did you know that smile was from you? Every second you took out of your life, to make mine better, made life so much easier.

Every time, I heard that chime Of my phone singing,

You'd make my day. I was always thinking of you and always waiting. Waiting for that text late at night. Waiting for that love spark to ignite.

I waited for you to fill me with laughter.

I waited for you, my lover, my brother, my friend, but did you wait for me? I trusted you, but now I wonder, could it truly be?

Could you have not seen my love? Shared my love?

Was it all just too far to reach? Did we really climb to the highest peak? Did we really touch true love? Or was it just me and my imagination? Just wanting someone like you.

No, I think, that is not true. I know I loved you.

For you my friend, were my everything. You told me no lies, even if we couldn't see each other eyes to eyes. I believed the words you wrote, they even made me float.

I don't know if you loved me.

I don't know if you're gone You told me you'd die at dawn. I don't know if you are as heartbroken as I am. I don't know what you look like, but I honestly don't care.

You can hate me, and not love me. You can be really ugly.

For all I care, this can be a one way thing. For in my heart I know no matter what,

I will always love you.

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navynohwal30Gifted Writer♏️ & Rêver
4 months agoReply
just simple words from me. "been there. Done that. Suffered that"😌😌😌

basharasweetBronze CommaWriter hopefully...
5 months agoReply
@tdog16 Oh okay. Nice work!

tdog16Gifted Writer14 and excited!
5 months agoReply
@basharasweet yes your idea that you gave me was with the virtual and reality thing, and I built on that

basharasweetBronze CommaWriter hopefully...
5 months agoReply
@tdog16 "Wow!!! Lovely poem!!!! You swirled so much heartbreak over your virtual relationship. It is a VERY true story and it may have just sparked an idea!"this is your comment on mine. so im just asking if 'I dont care(i dont know)' this is the idea you came up with. sorry for the confusion. Great work though :)

tdog16Gifted Writer14 and excited!
5 months agoReply
@basharasweet I'm confused by your question. Mind explaining?

tdog16Gifted Writer14 and excited!
5 months agoReply
@damn I'm glad you enjoyed it😊

5 months agoReply
oh my!! this really made me feel the curiosity and pain.

basharasweetBronze CommaWriter hopefully...
5 months agoReply
Wow! feels like you wrote what I went through in a different way than mine! But for me it was one sided! Other side is not aware of it! Is this masterpiece made from the spark you mentioned earlier?