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I just got thinking about depression.


by tdog16

At first when I met her I thought she was pretty.

Her hair was silky golden, her eyes green like a forest.

I thought she was super fun to hang out with.

She brought me to the movies, had pillow fights and late nights.

I thought she was funny.

Her jokes a sweet lullaby to paint a smile on my face.

But that was all a lie.

Little did I know I was just another pawn in her game.

She fed me lies about her.

She walked right up to me with confidence, befriended me, and then tore out my heart. She ate my happiness to fill her own.

She carved every once of love and passion out of me.

She took my dreams and my hope, to make it her own.

She tore every inch of laughter from my body.

She gathered up all of my happiness and then took it and left.

I was her victim, nothing more.

She took my joy because she was lonely, empty inside.

She needed my happiness because she was a sad girl.

She wanted my laughter in order to stop crying rivers.

They say depression is something you get.

They say depression is a feeling, a word.

But they were wrong.

She is depression.

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