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by tdog16

"So...who's your crush?"

Oh no! This was it, the question NOBODY wanted to be asked. Not even by there best friend, especially if they are a guy and your a girl.

"Jaxon" I spit out the lie quickly, hoping he won't catch it

My best friend, Marten, gave me a sly smile while starting to make kiddy noises. How immature I thought.

I put my hand in his face to make him stop,

"Really?! Don't be gross!"

He swatted away my hand,

"Don't be my mom," Marten mimicked me. I was about to pummel him right there on the spot instead I swatted him like any other girl.

"Don't be ridiculous, Jaxon would NEVER,

EVER kiss a girl like me!" "Why wouldn't he?" Marten asked dumbly.

"Hm let's see, I don't have blonde hair,

Blue eyes, good skin, I'm fat, and I'm ugly."

He looked aghast "WHAT?!"

I stared at Marten, confused, "You are not fat or ugly! You are PERFECT just the way you are."

I blushed fiercely.

"Do not EVER say you are ugly again" I nodded my head, scared and embarrassed.

It grew silent, the awkwardness burning between us.

"So...who do YOU like?" He just laughed.

"Do you really like Jaxon?"

Marten grew serious as soon as he had stopped laughing. I hesitated before I slipped out yet another lie. I hated lying to Marten.


As soon as he heard my answer all emotion had drained out of his face. Marten's lips were pursed in a straight line, his motions now programmed.

"I have to go." He said quickly before sauntering off.

As marten's figure grew farther and farther away I realized that I had made a mistake. I should have confessed my love for him.

It seemed like I would never get the guts to tell him...

My love for Marten would forever remain a secret.

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