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A story to any readers.


by tdog16

Dear silent readers,

What am I doing wrong?

Dear writers,

How do you do it? How do you get people to enjoy your stories? How do you write so beautifully?

Dear active readers,

Why do you like my stories?

Dear everyone,

I am stuck. I need your help. I can only advance in my writing if you tell me what is good and what is bad. I can only give you a story you want if you tell me what you want, and like.

Dear busy people,

I understand if you are only viewing a 5 page story just because you have limited time. I know about busy and I know that commenting takes up a lot of time.

So please readers who are not busy change my stats.

I don't want to see 178 views and only 2 comments, I want to see at least 20 comments so both you and I can benefit. I don't care as much about the likes as I do the comments, so please...


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